Bob Marley’s Legend hitting Rock Band next week

Stoners, Rastafarians, or just plain Bob Marley fans should rejoice in hearing that Bob Marely's Legend will be hitting the Rock Band store next week for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

Here is the list of tracks that will be available:
- Is This Love
- No Woman, No Cry
- Could You Be Loved
- Three Little Birds
- Buffalo Soldier
- Get Up, Stand Up
- Stir It Up
- One Love/People Get Ready
- I Shot the Sheriff
- Waiting in Vain
- Redemption Song
- Satisfy My Soul
- Exodus
- Jamming

Individual tracks can be purchased for $1.99, or purchase the whole set for $19.99. Just be sure to have your “water pipes” ready September 21st for U.S. and September 22nd for U.K. as one of the world’s biggest music legends is ready to hit Rock Band.

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Rowland3009d ago

is this a Zombie game ?

Beatboxtaun3008d ago

I hate how all Reggae lovers are dubbed as "stoners". It's obvious that many are just uneducated about the Rastafarian beliefs. It doesn't mean we all smoke out.

Nonetheless, I'm ecstatic for Reggae to be coming to Rock Band! Thank you, Harmonix!