Are You Buying The Playstation Move?

The future is here. The time is now. Tomorrow (or tonight at midnight) gamers put down the joystick and pick up the Move. Is motion gaming the future, Das Reviews wants to know, are you buying the Playstation Move?

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GuruStarr782926d ago

Yeah, not getting any launch games though unfortunately, I'm not interested in any of them....might get sly cooper when that comes out and I'm going to Gamefly the Lord of the rings game.....really waiting for sorcery.

TheLastGuardian2926d ago

I'll be getting the Move bundle but not day 1. The Sly Collection is a must buy.

Shadow Flare2926d ago

My move controllers arrived today, and after playing with it for a little bit, it's everything I thought it would be. Very accurate. And the overwhelming sense I was left with is that I wanted to see it being used with more games.

While I'm still waiting for sports champions to arrive, I've tried a few of the demos available. The frisbee golf works so well. That and table tennis really show how well move works. Takes a minute or two to get used to it. But it's really realistic, it's weird. Table tennis is so much better then wii tennis. Ruse works very well with move. Much better using move then the dualshock on ruse. Echochrome ii is wicked. Can't wait to get the full game of that. Really really cool idea for a game. Gonna try eyepet tomorrow cos I had the game before but I haven't tried it with move

Overall I'm very impressed. Tech works like I thought it would, feels great, works great with the xmb btw, and I hope more games utilise move

BloodyNapkin2926d ago

I am picking up my 2 wands and sub controller tomorrow. I gameflyed Start the party, sport champions and eyepet, and i already have the games. Also i own High velocity bowling which i cant wait to try it on.

-Alpha2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I'm not getting it day one either. Games will come before optional peripherals and with the onslaught of new games I can't find breathing room to purchase Move.

Eventually I will get it, but at the moment I'm satisfied playing all these games with my controller.

jjacinto232926d ago

they will deliver it on monday :(..........I got 1 free move and a game by purchasing 3 moves and 2 navs

phatak2926d ago

honestly sly cooper is a steal. lets c. 3 awesome games, 3d, move support, trophies 3 platinums r u kidding me?, hd, improved framerate all for 39.99? day 1 for me

Boody-Bandit2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

all my cash is going into my racing setup for GT5!

I will pick up move sometime this year for sure.

DrDreadlox2926d ago

played around with the demo a bit. Waiting on the MAG update now and will finally pick up Heavy Rain for it.

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Jaces2926d ago

Eventually down the road, yea. Need to find out if I'm getting my 3D tv first.

Theoneneo812926d ago

I got sports champions the next to will probally be PSN titles I'll get Tumble and echochrome II

Agent-862926d ago

I thought the Lord of the Rings was a Kinect game (and on-rails at that).

vgcgames2926d ago

You gotta get eyepet, and the fight lights out. Two best motion games around.

joydestroy2926d ago

yep i'm not the type to play games like Sorcery, but i'll be getting that when it comes out. it looked so cool!

my Move bundle is on it's way. will get to play with it on monday. pretty excited ^_^

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iamnsuperman2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Yep bought two with two sub controllers no games though seeing how the demo disc does first

CyberCam2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I'm getting 4x moves & 2x sub controllers. The soccer team I coach got me a $400 Bestbuy gift card, so it's not coming out of my pocket! Think I will have to splurge a charging station though.

TheHardware2926d ago

MGRising and FFXI use it, I'm in, Socom already does and so does GT5

im very close to sold

CyberCam2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Killzone 3 as well as Sorcery and Tigerwoods 11, Yipee! ;)

TheHardware2926d ago

How could I forget sorcery, bubs for you bub

Dance2926d ago

software needs improving

SillySundae2926d ago

.. kinda expecting you'd say that.

Theoneneo812926d ago

Really have you played it yet?

Zydake2926d ago

Please tell us how's Skittles.

Ivan Drago IV2926d ago

Hell to the yes. All paid for going first thing tomorrow morning to gamestop.

dyennam2926d ago

ya man i paid all for it too. but i have school till 2:45 so i cant pick it up untill then. but i am still excited to get it man.
i got the 99$ bunder and a extra move controller