Should You Buy Move for Your PS3?

Tonight's the night, well technically tomorrow in the very early morning.

At the strike of midnight you will be able to pick up the Playstation 3's Move add-on in North America so you can play motion games on your Sony console.

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SasanovaS19872649d ago

yes you should. end of story, tired of 100 thousand reviews. we get it, it works. get it, shi7

dangert122649d ago

I am a fan of the wii but not as strongly as my ps3 i will so move will greatly enhance your exprience regardless of the genre its just up2 how lazy you want to be alot of hardcore games will not require much movement at all socom etc

WildArmed2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I'm pretty excited about Move. Looking forward to playing Dead Space 2 and Time Crisis Razing Storm the most!!

but what I'm NOT excited about is Walmart stopped taking preorders (ran out of stock). is saying that orders may not be shipped until their second batch arrives :(
Bestbuy is the only one at this point I think isn't delay all future orders (think they have some left), but it's more expensive.
Even Techloops delayed my order by 2 weeks coz of shortage..
UGH! Pisses me off! I ordered PSmove from all 3 places (except BB).. the first one i get, i'll cancel the rest >:)
I wantz me Move NOW, not in Oct.
>.< out of stock -.- *read under product guide* out of stock -.-

Anyone know where I can place an order for $50.00? (and not be put on a 2 weeks wait or so)

moparful992647d ago

@skv lol I walked into my local walmart last nite and asked the lady if they had any moves.. She whent to the back room and a couple minutes later walked out bundle in hand.. So I bought it and I've been having a blast with it... Hope you get your hands on one soon, totally worth it...

SilentNegotiator2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

And play what? Nothing really exciting at launch.

I'll wait to get it.

Montrealien2649d ago

the sport championship title alone is worth it imho. Gladiator Duel is the most fun I have had with motion controls since Wii sport resort.

Rainstorm812648d ago

i guess tigers are more your thing??

but seriously move seems to have more games coming this year that piques my interest more than Kinects 2010 lineup

fuckitimout2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

move is a inferior wiimote. Wiimote has a better refresh rate and halo reach is the best game there ever will be, at least this gen. Hit the agree button if you agree!

if you don't have a 360 to play halo then what are you waiting for?!? GO GET ONE OR EVEN TWO!!!!

fuckitimout2648d ago

but you fanboys will accept anything. Wiimote>move. Prove that move doesn't have an infirior refresh rate to the wiimote. Hahahahahaha you idiots will buy anything popular even if it looks like a dildo and is infirior to a product that costs less. Fools all you are hahahahahahahahaha

jneul2648d ago

no you suck and you know it, because right now you should be playing on halo if it's so good, instead your trolling here
also all the reviews disagree with you and you are a big jealous jerk, move is the best most precise motion controller out there, finally a motion controller i can use properly!!

moparful992648d ago

Lol look at the butt hurt troll.. I guess the enemy (nintendo) of your enemy (sony) is your friend huh? Does it sting knowing that sony out maneuvers microsoft without having too dump millions of dollars into gimmicks and pr bull marketing? Go play halo and leave anything sony releated out of your mouth...

redsquad2648d ago

#1 MOVE doesn't "suck"
#2 I don't want HALO REACH
#3 You're a troll

jut4202648d ago

"Hit the agree button if you agree!"

hahaha 9 hours and 15 people later and no one agrees with your stupidity

rockleex2648d ago

His troll posts don't even get labeled as trolling.

Seriously, N4G mods? You fail time and time again.

Always debubbling and marking the wrong people, and ignoring the obvious ones. <_<

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jazzking20012649d ago

i will get it
a must have lol

sdtarm2649d ago Show
MGRogue20172649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

You should get PS Move instead of that kiddy Kinect rubbish.

After all, You don't want to look like a complete nutjob in your very own living room, do you?

Montrealien2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Can't you compliment something you love without having to bash something else?

/on topic

Yes, at the very least, get the bundle with sport champions, it is really good. I have been enjoying it the last few days, me and the wife have really been enjoying disc gold and I love gladiator duel with two moves, makes you wonder when we will get a move demon soul, so much potential for this product.

oh, and guess what, Kiddy Kinect looks really solid also, we live in a great time to game.

Mighty Boom2649d ago

I'm so sick of people like you commenting because someone made a negative comment about a product they don't like!!! I bet you are an Obama supporter.

Montrealien2649d ago

that made no sense. Try to stay on topic.

whitesoxfalife2649d ago

Mighty Boom who da fuck is you a clinton/McCain supporter the fuck gotta do with move/kinect dumb ass stay on topic like Montrealien said

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