'BioShock' May Be the Best Game Ever

It came in like a dark horse in the night, slicing through the hype surrounding big-budget titles like 'Halo 3' and 'Rock Band' with a subtle, almost muted pre-release advertising presence. But now, a day away from the official release of 'BioShock' for the Xbox 360 and PC, reviews are rolling in declaring that this might not just be the best game on the Xbox 360 this year, but perhaps the best game of all time.

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hydrog4082d ago

It's a great SINGLE PLAYER game. But comparing it to Halo?? Come on now, there's not much to do after you beat Bioshock, you'll be bored to tears after the second run through. So you MIGHT get 30-40 hr's out of the game.

Halo on the other end, THOUSANDS of hours... with your friends none the less. Offline and Online.

Replayability is something these reviewers aren't taking in to account... and personally, it's HUGE.

ALI-G4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

and decide for myself

Delive4082d ago

it will be for PC. Single player is great and all, but MP is the only way I like to play anymore. Yea, sometimes you run into @$$#0!3$, but I can ignore them. Fun With Friends extends a games life well beyond just a great single player story. IMO. That's with Graphics and all things aside.

gta_cb4081d ago

have to agree with you, which is why after having Gears of War for about 5-6 months now, it is still one of the most played games i have.

SmokeyMcBear4082d ago

i kind of have to agree a little bit. Many games get knocked off a little bit for not having a multiplayer, especially a first person shooter. This will be a great game, but like a lot of games not having a multiplayer, it should get a little knocked off for it.

gta_cb4081d ago

i watched the kind of things you can do in the full game which you cant do in the demo, and it does look amazing, and personally if they did make it online could have had a lot of potential.

Ahhhh4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

@hydrog - "It's a great SINGLE PLAYER game. But comparing it to Halo?? Come on now, there's not much to do after you beat Bioshock" - Play it again. =] And honestly a thousand hours of Halo? naww man.. I got so tired of Halo 2 soooo fast online because of all the people hacking on there.. How fun is it when, you go into a game that as soon as it starts you, as well as your teammates, start dropping from mid-air to the ground in the same spot, and you die before you touch the ground. One night me an my buddy was going to play that happed to us 4 games in a row. Hopefully Halo 3 will be better without all the hackers on there.

I personally think it will be fun to replay.. Because in one interview, you can't get all the achievements in just one run. And if the post was correct, there is like 5 or some people that you can CHOOSE to kill. And I think that you won't be able to kill all them in one run, so start over so you can kill the other ones.

@SmokeyMcBlunt - I agree as well, but still.. that's what you have Halo for. =]

jay34082d ago

The game is so incredibly awesome to me, and replayability, for me it has tons, i've played the demo no less than 30 times already, and that's no exaggeration.

I'm not really surprised that it could be the "Greatest Game Of All Time" but more humbled. Just glad that it's getting what it deserves, what the developers deserve. If Zelda has held the "Greatest game" title for this long, it was bound to get knocked off sometime, that time, my friends...Is tomorrow.

I'm so happy!!! And i don't know why!

Ahhhh4082d ago

@jay3 - You don't know why your so happy? Maybe you should re-read your post. Just a little advice.=]

jay34082d ago

I just learnt something new abot myself....

You should be a psychiatrist!

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