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Sports Champions is launching alongside the PlayStation Move controller, available by itself or as part of the PlayStation Move starter bundle. Sony hopes that Sports Champions will do for the PlayStation Move what Wii Sports did for the Nintendo Wii. And that is to provide an easily accessible, intuitive experience that shows off just what the hardware is capable of, while appealing to casual consumers. The question is, is the game the champion Sony is hoping for, or is it better off sitting by the sidelines?

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doctorstrange2678d ago

And the bow and arrow look like the most fun, shame they weren't on the demo disc

T3mpr1x2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

I'll probably pick this up when it's cheaper, not exactly something I've been pining for...But good to know the game performs well!

BkaY2678d ago

it feels really good.. i played only tt and gladiators fight..

cant wait for "lights out"....


wolfehound222678d ago

Cool I will probably be picking this up.