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In a way, EyePet is review proof – most of its target audience probably doesn’t read reviews. So take this as a gift recommendation – kids and female significant others will be “awwwing” for days on end if given this inventive, imaginative (if a bit wonky) game. For the lady gamers out there: if you like cute things at all, don’t be afraid to pick this up, and don’t be surprised if your man ends up cooing at that damn monkey-dog right alongside you.

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GuruStarr782982d ago

Those animals are kinda creepy looking Imo......It would be cool if eyepet had a feature where you could shoot them with the move controller - "gun thingy"

Then this might be launch title worth it stands now, when I pick up my move tommorrow, I won't be getting any games with it...which kinda sucks.....I know the move is going to be a good peripheral, but it's one of the worst launch lineups of games in history.

Ivan Drago IV2982d ago

Pssh, the sports champion bundle is worth it for that awesome demo disc alone, which btw includes a eyepet demo. 1 more day until move!! Haven't been this excited since the PS3 launch where I camped out 30 hours for at wal mart to get! Would do it all over again to

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CobraKai2982d ago

Was this game already released in Europe before the Move was released? Honestly, a better score than what I was expecting.

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