UK Retailer Zavvi Lists Trio Of Unannounced PS3 HD Classics

In the past few months, we've seen listings from European retailers for HD Collections of the Splinter Cell Trilogy, Prince of Persia Trilogy and a Mortal Kombat Classics. Now, there are more indications that the title remakes are on the way, with British online retailer listing all three.

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kharma452983d ago

My God, more classics :D I'm turning into a real sucker for them lol

mjolliffe2983d ago

Although it would be the right thing to do for fans, releasing a PS2 to PS3 adaptor would be an awful business decision at this point, what with all these excellent classics coming around :)

Akagi2983d ago

Sony are effectively making a lot of money from IPs that are sitting around doing nothing.

fight4love2983d ago

That adapter should be no more than 50$

rdgneoz32983d ago

Not a completely bad business decision. The HD remakes offer people trophies and the classic games in HD quality graphics. That and some of the games you can never find copies of at all...

Red_Orange_Juice2983d ago

I hope it's Splinter Cell, I can't run Chaos Theory on ma laptop (win7) for sh!t

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MuleKick2983d ago

That sounds sweet!!!!!!!! Prince of Persia is a day one buy for me. Maybe Splinter Cell.

DaTruth2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

In before ridiculous 360 fanboys complaining about no BC and classic remakes instead!

Edit:And PC fanboys about their emulators.

Brklynty12983d ago

HD Collections > BC, Cant go wrong with 3D/Move/Trophy Support

AceofStaves2983d ago

My launch PS2 still works perfectly, my launch PS3 works perfectly, and I still look forward to the PS3 remasters of PS2 titles.

jack_burt0n2983d ago

Be weird seeing all the MK actors with HD sprites.

Hellsvacancy2983d ago

Hope they do a Final Fantasy HD port with trophies etc

xAlmostPro2983d ago

i hope the splinter cell has online support where you can pair up with people for the co-op xD and maybe even mercs vs spies

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RememberThe3572983d ago

But I'm not really interesting in these collections in particular, just that they seem to really be pushing them. It's a good thing that the GoW collection did do well, otherwise we wouldn't me talking about this.

SpaceSquirrel2983d ago

Nice to see more PS2 collections coming.

MGRogue20172983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

.. Can't complain at all, really. HD Remakes of classic games are always welcome in my book :D

AceofStaves2983d ago

Now, if only Sony could release some RPG classics remastered.

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The story is too old to be commented.