Additional Features Of PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.50 Revealed

Connected Consoles: "Having earlier confirmed the new 3.50 firmware for the PS3, the Sony Japan website has now revealed the additional features of the update."

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MGRogue20172530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

"You can now report messages from the XMB"

I like that. Say bye-bye, Spammers. :P

kharma452530d ago

Same here :) The amount of junk that comes my way, it's far handier than having to use the grief reporting portal on the Sony site.

Little touches like that just make it a better all round experience!

bostoner2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Sony is getting ready to release cross game chat firmware to those who send this message to 20 people..... shut the farfigneuton up! I've lost PSN friends over these types of messages. Its good to know they might stop. I don't see why they are so popular anyways. They are all obviously fake. How can people be that gullible. Along the same lines of the message reporting I'd like to see a easy way to report cheaters on games. I hate when someone comes into a ranked Socom match and starts unloading M203 shells everywhere. They always say its a glitch and anyone can pick it but the games obviously not balance for them and your ruining everyone else' chance to have fun on a game they paid for.

WildArmed2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I give them a 2-spam msg warning
I get it again, and off you go!

Usually they learn.
if not.. i dont remember their names anymore x_x

But, playing MAG online still gets you a shit load of spam from ppl you dont even know

UnwanteDreamz2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Just make your PSN comment

Spam = GTF off my list
Spam = Delete
Chainmail = Delete

My Friends list is full and I rarely get any crapmail. Just a suggestion.

WhittO2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

ok, a nice feature to report. So if people can report messages/users, why not let us have custom avatars and if someone has something "offensive", they can just be reported and investigated to see if they really are displaying an offensive avatar.

Also, for ME, this update is sh*t (yet again). I don't have a 3D TV and wont for another few years atleast, I don't care about Facebook features and, well that's all of the FW update right there....

1Victor2529d ago

just do as I did I send a message to everyone on my list no spam mail or you're be deleted of my list ,also put in your comment SPAM=FriendDelete and I guaranty you they will stop by about 90% the other 10 send a warning do it again and you're out .
I'll love it if Sony actually does a spam report even tho I have them under control LOL

Red_Orange_Juice2529d ago

I used onlinae raporting 2 or 3 times, but it's very unconvinient. This is good thing.

Lifendz2529d ago

Those chain messages really caused my friends list to plummet. I must have deleted 15 people or so just because they were stupid enough to believe that Sony is actually monitoring all the messages sent on PSN in order to reward the people that forward a specific message to a specific number of people.

fuckitimout2529d ago

if you could report cheater that easy then that option would be abused by sore losers. You sir are a idiot

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Dave13512530d ago

seriously man, your not gonna get 60 psn dollars if you send it to 20 people retard!

bjornbear2530d ago

lets face it, if you're dumb enough to fall for chainmails and phishing...I don't want to game with you =P

good addon


WildArmed2530d ago

Ah, good update :)
These little things make me happy :)
Glad to see they are improving my PSN experience!

Snoogins2529d ago

there's still no direct, or effective, method of reporting game griefers directly from the XMB, with direct video uploading. This method might not even make a difference for message griefing. They're very lax on punishing anyone as it is.

fuckitimout2529d ago

you're a idiot too. Sore losers will abuse that option. Wtf is a game griefer? Look, you lost the match. Try again or gtfo. Tired of gamers trying to dictate how other gamers should play. “youre camping!” hahahahahaha yea you have all that countercamping equiptment but don't have a peanut of a brain to use it. Really gtfo you lazy wannabe gamer and take you dumbass gaming policy and politics with you. And yes, I camp and own campers.

mastiffchild2529d ago

Why is he an idiot and what has it got to do with campers anyway? I'm sure I'm as permessive as the next guy when it comes to what my fellow gamewrs get up to and have never reported anyone for griefing in my life. Thing is, maybe I should have as on a few occasions people have been taking it way, way too far. Once there were three guys who were just wrecking things for everyone with stupid friendly fire and friendly bombing attacks. You know I get annoyed if someone steals my kill-we all do a little-but if you did it to one of these guys(and you rarely, if ever, do it on purpose)they would always shoot you. Eventually our party got sick and we figured out which guys were together on it and kicked them but, soon enough, we ran into them again. I don't want to tell anyone HOW to play their games but equally I appreciate how precious their gaming time is to some busy people and to deliberately just ruin it is really selfish. Does it make me an idiot for wanting them to stop this?

As for camping? It's just one of many different tactics, to me, and while it's one I don't really enjoy myself(I do think it's can equalise things out by giving less talented players a better chance on some maps in some games, though, even if a decent p[layer can still root them out anyway)because it just gets a bit, well, boring and I like to enjoy my gaming just as much, if not more, than I care about winning it's still a FAIR tactic and didn't see anyone saying anything about it here.

Snoogins2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

You must be the prize turd of the mound your ancestors crawled from. Speaking of which, I just ate a pot pie and drank a glass of milk, so I need to excuse myself in a moment to make you a brother.

Not once in your incoherent rambling did you make reference to the contents of my comment or the topic at hand. You must truly be a genius! Of course, you further proved how little merit your commenting has when you asked the question, "Durrrr, wtf is a game griefer?" Allow me to educate you in the way kindergarten failed previously to do:

Game griefing is when players break the EULA (end user license agreement) and ToC (terms of conduct) by abusing other players (verbally as well as text) and disrupting the flow of a game by means of hacking, glitching and other ways of cheating.

Wow! I hope by learning something new, you weren't forced to forget something essential like scratching your ass, or God help us, forgetting how to breathe!

Now, if you'll excuse me, SpydaBlacc, I've got to run to the bathroom to crap out a brother for you to play with.

BLuKhaos2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

"I like that. Say bye-bye, Spammers. :P"
lol I always respond back with a "Blue Waffle" spam attack when ever I get chainmail.
Whatever you do don't google "Blue Waffle", it'll scar you for life.:P

T3mpr1x2529d ago

YES! This is great, hopefully it will result in plenty of bans, maybe even per-console or perhaps IP-based bans if there's repeat offenders just simply using different PSN IDs...

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RememberThe3572530d ago

When are they going to deliver this cross game chat so that people can stop harping about it?

But Frankly, I really want to see the PSN up its game in the communications side. Live is really just more social.

UnSelf2530d ago

another person complaining about free updates

when are they gonna stop complaining so that Sony can see we appreciate the consistent upgrades?

rajman2530d ago

Yeh but at this rate the homebrew guys will bring cross game chat before Sony does

RememberThe3572530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I didn't say anything about this stuff being free. As long as online play stays free I wouldn't mind paying for more services and features.

Also, how am I complaining? All I said was that I would like to see more social features on the PSN. That's a request not a complaint.

@Wolf: That was actually what I was trying to say. I wish they would just give us these things they keep talking about and we keep asking for in one form or another so that people can move on. But of course someone wanted to get all butt hurt and think that I was trolling.

WinterWolf2530d ago

I actually do wish Sony brings cross game chat to the PS3 soon. I am just tired of people complaining about how they want it but don't have it. It doesn't really bother me.

raztad2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

An other small update? I think you got it wrong man.

This particular update is huge and very welcome: 3D BD playback, the features listed here are just little bonuses. That is why the jump from 3.42 to 3.50

-Alpha2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )


"another person complaining about free updates"

So Essentially, Sony could offer a hundred features no one has any use for, but it's OK because it's "Free"?

Just because it's free doesn't mean that I don't have the right to criticize it.

People aren't exactly complaining about the update, but rather the lack of the features that people have been asking for. Or do we not have a right to ask for anything of a "Free" service?

It's BECAUSE of people who criticize things that we have some of the features we do now. I'm sure even you complained about the inability to have an in-game XMB when the PS3 first launched. Did you enjoy quitting your game to read or send messages, or to see your friends list? According to your logic, since Sony does these updates for free we don't have the right to complain about it if it never got addressed.

Real fans would offer their constructive feedback so that they see improvements to the services they use. It's a free update, but so what? Am I supposed to pay for an update? Sony themselves have dedicated forums and places for fans to "complain", so evidently they don't mind us criticizing their service.

"when are they gonna stop complaining so that Sony can see we appreciate the consistent upgrades?"

Sony doesn't need our constant praise. They don't do these updates because they are nice guys who want to do free things they do it because they themselves want to improve the service and are competing against Steam and XBL.

Axecution2530d ago

[email protected] who disagreed with you. xD

Anyway i think this update is awesome. 3D Blu-ray support, improved Facebook support, and message reporting? It may not interest you, but i'll gladly take those features thanks. >.>

mikepmcc2529d ago

"when are they gonna stop complaining so that Sony can see we appreciate the consistent upgrades? "

Oh my god...quick sucking their dick already, get a life.

nickjkl2524d ago

we arent getting cross game chat get over it games are already using alot of resources on the ps3 cross game chat could destabilize the system

same with killzone 2 multiplayer in game music it runs fine with out it but as soon as you turn it on it starts to freeze but on skirmish turn on in game music it runs smooth

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mcnablejr2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Its inevitable. , lots of people are going to disagree with you, even if you speak the truth.

RememberThe3572530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

People just get so touchy whenever you try to critique the PS3. Anyone who knows my comment history knows the PS3 is my favorite console. But that doesn't mean I don't want to see it get better.

@raztad: Really? Come on man, your going to get stuck on the world "small". It's small to me cause I won't use the feature any time soon. Hell, size is relative anyway. Jesus, now I know how 360 fans feel, you can criticize anything PS3 related on this site without people picking apart your comment.

-Alpha2530d ago Show
raztad2530d ago


Well even if 3D BD playback is not relevant for you it doesnt make this update small by any means. I'm not overly sensitive just stating a fact. Even the jump to 3.50 reflects it. I mean you were complaining about Sony making small updates, and this is obviously not one of them.


What's with that lecture man?

Nothing you said applies to this particular update. FW 3.50 has been expected for some time now to enable another feature of the PS3. It is cool to complain and everything but it feels rather out of place in this case. Of course if you dont care about what is in this update, I can only say sorry. Look forward to another. I'm very happy my PS3 is getting such a feature for free.

callahan092530d ago

@RememberThe357 and Alpha-Male22, etc.,

Ordinarily I would agree with you guys, but I do think it's unfair in this particular instance to call this just another small update. After all, 3D is getting all this big push from the movie industry now, and this update is coming out to enable 3D blu-ray playback on the PS3. It's not really important to me because I don't have a 3DTV, but in my opinion it's a nice thing for them to give the system support for and it makes all the sense in the world to release it when it's ready rather than put it on the backburner and only release new features when cross-game chat happens to be ready.