Enslaved demo hits US PSN next week, 360 “soon”

VG247 writes: Ninja Theory has announced the US will get a demo for Enslaved next week via PSN, after lucky Europeans got their hands on it yesterday.

It will arrive on September 21, as part of it’s exclusive PS3 window.

Xbox 360 users will get their chance “soon”.

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MGRogue20173009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Lucky for the PS3 owners out there such as myself! :D

Just one of the perks of owning both consoles. :P

EDIT: @ Below.. Really!? I'm in the UK & have both a US & UK PSN account.. I'm gonna' check & download it! :D

Dragun6193009d ago

Well, if you have a European PSN account, you can get the Enslaved demo right now.

despair3009d ago

tanx for the info gonna dl it now, funny that the one week I didn't check the EU PSN is when it has a demo I was looking forward to.

zireno3009d ago

having just finished playing the demo I can say that it will be a great game, the graphics are pretty amazing but not uncharted amazing as most people have been claiming and the climbing parts aren't as intuitive as they were in uncharted, all I did when I wasn't sure we're to continue climbing was moving the stick until the character did something:)!! I'm not saying this to bash this game, like I said, in my opinion it will be great and the more platformers the better. the demo definitely left me with a good impression and if what i played is a good indication of the final product, I'll get it on day one:D!!

just my 2 cents.

WildArmed3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Gameplay was fun except traversing wasn't as good.. uncharted 2 spoiled me x_x, but the demo was disappointingly short (as in never got to experience the dual-combat system -- when the girl is w/ you). You basically just play the tutorial and the demo ends! (and not even the full tutorial!)

I'm still undecided atm due to it's short nature..
(I thought the Vanquish demo was JUST the right size!)

Side note: I currently have a Jp/US/UK/HK account (Hk usually gets the same content as JP but in ENGLISH :)-- sometimes lol but doesn't always get the all the JP content)

BornToKill3009d ago

thx. just finished playing the demo and i really like it.

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lastdual3009d ago

Yeah, I'm in the US, but it's easy to create a UK account and download it right now.

r1sh123009d ago

im gonna have a look after I get home from work.
I too have both consoles so all the fanboys can flame all they want.
Ive got the best of both worlds

Vegeta90003009d ago

Unresponsive controls were one of the biggest issues. Platforming sucked as it always felt as if you had to stop a bit before a jump and the combat was bland. Plus, the weapon would disappear and the demo would freeze. This isn't going to be a good game at all. I'll get the new Castlevania instead (I hate the combat in Castlevania but everything else seems pretty good).

kurisub3009d ago

I agree on your points about Enslaved, but how can you hate the combat in Castlevania…do they even have a playable demo? (at E3 or otherwise?)

RememberThe3573009d ago

Stop being so damn negative.

jetlian3009d ago

agree but i still liked it. maybe this is an old build.As of now this 3rd for me out of the singleplayer games castle,vanquish then enslaved

jobboy3009d ago

agreed. framerate on ps3 demo was pretty horrible!

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-Judge_Fudge3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

yes he is a giant ass hat isnt he

Octo13009d ago

Game looks good. Character for his size was I don't know a bit jumpy. Felt like he should have some weight to him. Not a lot cause I know he is agile but maybe a little weight.That's just my 2 cents. Girl looked similar to Nariko. I don't know? Maybe it's the red hair? Yes and I felt the demo was short.

BannedForNineYears3009d ago

Soon aka when Microsoft pays them. :D

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