Metal Gear Solid: Rising - TGS 10: Konami Stage Demo

Not a single bowling pin is safe! Kojima's demo is quick and to a very sharp, accurate, point.

Courtesy of GameTrailers

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MaxOpower2924d ago

The Animation!!! Fucking stunning, and that's coming from a MGS hater.

Fuck, I'm exited!

rockleex2923d ago

I just don't like how long it takes for Raiden to go from normal stance to sword stance, especially since he's supposed to be "lightning fast".

WildArmed2923d ago

MGS hater? D:
How could you hate MGS?
This is something I just can't understand lol

Not liking MGS, i understand, but WHAT HAS MGS DONE TO YOU TO DESERVE "HATE" :(

Lombax2923d ago

I don't even understand not liking MGS...

DelbertGrady2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

People have different preferences, that's all.

Some hate Halo, some hate Gran Turismo, some hate Call of Duty. And some hate MGS. I agree with you though that "hate" is a strong word to use, but I can bet that there are some games out there that you don't like either.

Btw, the game looks absolutely stunning.

MaxOpower2923d ago


I think both developer and game is hugely overrated. I find the humor very unfunny, and I think the game got a lot of undeserved award and praise.

Stealth is just not me, I HATE STEALTH.

WildArmed2923d ago


Well there are games I dont like, but none that I hate so to speak.
And like I said, I under not liking games.


I guess it's fair to hate a genre..
though MGS4 can be played w/o ever being stealthy.. Snake is quite versatile and has a VERY good arsenal if you choose to play it rambo style.

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kaveti66162923d ago

Looks like Kojima's "B" team is better than most Western A teams.

WildArmed2923d ago


but on a serious note, Kojima takes his games more serious than life and death D:

BattleAxe2923d ago

Well so far we've seen alot of water melons get cut up......

gamingdroid2923d ago

Yeah, I want to see some game play!

himdeel2923d ago

...and they spend 10 minutes chopping fruit and bowling pins. That was a waste of time...I think we all get that you can chop things please move on to some other actual gameplay. Hell show Raiden running down the street and how he can engage different enemies. I've seen footage where he has a gun, show him using it...

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Vegeta90002924d ago

When will Kojima announce a REAL MGS game?

BannedForNineYears2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Is it me, or is right now a terrible time to start college?! D:
So many games I'm looking forward to. v_v

@Vegeta.......What does Kojima say about his fanboy level?

WildArmed2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

OVER 9000!

<sorry I just can't hold myself back whenever I see that>

I'm already into the 4th week of my classes -.-
It's been hard on my gaming time! D:
(down to 4 hours a WEEK WTF!)

BannedForNineYears2923d ago

Good ol' memes. :D

I start college in 4 days......Depressing. :|

kaveti66162923d ago

It's beautiful to look at.

PS3-2472923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I'm liking how it's looking so far.

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