IGN: Which is the Hardest Halo Game?

With Halo: Reach being Bungie's swan song for the series, it seemed the right time for a group of Halo experts to figure out which Halo game is the hardest. Among the committee that spent dozens of hours debating are Halo aficionados Hilary Goldstein, Will Tuttle, David Clayman, Erik Brudvig, Arthur Gies, and Nate Ahearn.

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Trroy3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

There was one particular part in Halo 3 where I got pretty frustrated, until I realized there was a way to abuse the AI of the Covenant who liked to jump in the wraiths. Also, toward the end, ammo was pretty dang hard to come by, for the decent weapons. I despise the battle rifles, and it seemed like that, and plasma pistols, was most of the drops by the end.

Other than that, I can't really say I've ever found Halo very challenging, but I haven't finished Reach yet, either, and it was the end of Halo 3 which I found tougher... maybe its the same for Reach.

iPad3011d ago

My Halo is the hardest one.

Sony3603011d ago

I always remembered hearing that Halo 3's co-op campaign scaled the difficulty up when you had more players. Did that turn out to be false or something they ended up not implementing? I never really paid much attention when playing co-op and/or solo. In fact I never played much solo.

I know Reach's co-op definitely scales difficulty.

IaMs123011d ago

Definately Halo Reach on legendary. The Elites are sooo freaking hard its insane you have to die just to kill 1. We had 4 player coop going on with this.

TROLL EATER3011d ago

halo 3 was hard with the flood. but i guess master chief makes it look easy

CobraKai3011d ago

That flood section was a pain in the ass for me on heroic.

Shoko3011d ago

None of them are hard to me, unless you're playing on Legendary.

Neko_Mega3011d ago

Halo 2 is hardest if played the the hardest you can, Halo Reach seems not so bad but hard.

I would say Halo 2 and Halo Reach are almost about the same.

Megahurtz19863011d ago

Combat evolved was brutal on Legendary!!

ELite_Ghost3011d ago

i remember making fun of my friends getting pwned by grunts... XD

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The story is too old to be commented.