This PlayStation Move Ad Hits The Wii Right Where It Hurts

Kotaku: Only one thing can save you when a gargantuan Mii is chasing you down a deserted stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere.

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TheLeprachaun2986d ago

Reminds me of the Apple add where the person runs into the church type building and hurls something at the Microsoft screen.

Not very tasteful anyway.

Corepred42986d ago

yeah it does remind me of that. kinda dramatic, lol. not very tasteful but until i see it on tv i'm gonna say its not by Sony. oh well still pretty cool. I know its "tasteless" but i'd like to see more commercials of companys bashing each other. kinda the way politicians make their ads. lol

n4f2986d ago

''Genesis does what Nintendon't''

WhittO2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

TBH, they should just show a short version of the first vid for Move they had. It shows the difference in Move compared to Wii controllers and shows the potential of future games with the power the PS3 has over Wii.

Also, this doesn't really seem official since it has none of the Sony Make believe etc, but guessing by production values of the ad it is...

Dramscus2986d ago

I think they showed that as a montage at e3

raztad2986d ago

Where is "Only does everything"? this is not by Sony.

sigt2985d ago

Dude that was way before Microsoft got their claws into everything.

The add was 1984 esq and was actually freeing everyone from the chains of IBM.

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-Mezzo-2986d ago

I don't understand how does the Wii comes in play in this Advertisement. =]

RememberThe3572986d ago

The thing he hits is a big ass Mii.

alphakennybody2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Kotaku's at it again,Fake ad is Fake.

badz1492986d ago

damn I thought that it's kinda funny and press approve and now I can't disapprove! :( Damn Kotaku!


If there isn't the Copyrights of Sony in the Video, is a Fake ad.

badz1492985d ago

a lesson to learn there

The_Beast2986d ago

i thought it was the begging of resident evil 3 movie. where the zombie is walking

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The story is too old to be commented.