Halo: Reach Cheaters F***'n Sh** Up

StrengthGamer: The game has been out for 2 days and one individual already modded it. To add to the already ridiculous idea of this, he uploaded a video of himself to Are you kidding me?

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poopnscoop2931d ago

At least this guy just hacked the game. Strength Gamer actually pirated it so they could run a review early and feel special about themselves.

gamesR4fun2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

are stealing the game anyways

really sic cheaters ruin the game for all.

AnthonyAccinell2931d ago

Poopnscoop: Are you really that dim?

T9X692930d ago

I have NEVER seen this online, this isn't proof he's cheating anyway. This could be a custom game variant. Its pretty easy to create custom pick ups that increase the player movement speed, I've done it a few times it's not hard. Either way, it doesn't bother me as I never have ran into any cheaters.

AnthonyAccinell2930d ago

to no scope head shot players without aiming at them?

T9X692930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

How do you know its a no scope? Halo Reach is a FPS, not a TPS, the camera mode is in third person, there is no way to tell if he zoomed in or not. Plus, the sniper is easy as hell to get no scopes with, you obviously don't know Halo players that well, they are insane when it comes to sniper rifles and no scopes.

Look, here are a few multiple no scopes in a row. It happens a lot in Halo.

PS360PCROCKS2930d ago

dude t9, Anthony is right. This guy was no scoping guys he couldn't even see...multiple times in fact.

STRGMR2930d ago

T9 is the Modder!!! Haha

Eamon2930d ago

So sniping like 5 enemies in one go in under a second is skill?

lol, what have you been smoking.

frostypants2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I've already run into this a couple of times. It's most obvious in SWAT mode.

Boom-boom-boom, headshot-headshot-headshot in like 1.5 seconds from all distances.

UnwanteDreamz2930d ago

Leave T9 alone. Gamers can find flaws in even their most favorite games. T9 can not. No matter what the problem , is it is normal. Cheaters are just veterans and Sp doesn't matter. No scope kills are common and easy to do? Sounds great.

Eamon2930d ago

No, frostypants, that's because you have no sheild in SWAT.

It's not too difficult to aim for headshots with auto-aim.

pimpmaster2930d ago

dude, in swat mode you dont run around with snipers. didnt you see the vid, the guy got shot 2 times and had shields. this isnt swat mode.+ he was jumping super high and running fast. this guys defenetly cheatin. t9 stop being a fanboy and just accept the fact that halo has cheaters. i persoally havent run into them but clearly seeing that vid, the guy was cheating.

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darkcharizard2930d ago

does that mean "Shit Up"??

AnthonyAccinell2930d ago

wasn't sure how censored N4G wanted their submissions

Kurt Russell2930d ago

I read it as shut up... don't know why :(

pixelsword2930d ago

Are cheaters such losers in real life that they have to leverage a GAME in their favor to appear important?

If their parents got divorced, I would tell them that it's their fault; and if they stayed together, it's probably because they're Siamese fraternal twins straight from their uncle-daddy.

antz11042930d ago

These are the type of a$$holes that ruined Team Fortress 2 on 360.

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