Can Sony's Move satisfy the hardcore gamer?

Bloomberg: The launch lineup for Sony Corp.'s PlayStation Move features all the types of games that have been popular on Nintendo's Wii: bowling; tennis; golf; even exercise.

That might be great for some, but hardcore gamers want more. The PlayStation 3 is more technologically sophisticated than the Wii. Will Move games follow suit?

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hay3009d ago

I'm hardcore gamer but I like casual games and I really like move. It's fun as hell. Start the Party is great party game, and Sports Champions works really well with 2 or 3 people.
I also like The Shoot. It was quite challenging for a first time.
Echochrome 2 was kinda boring for me.
Planet Minigolf has kinda awkward controls with Move but it wasn't great on normal pad also. It's ok.
Kung Fu Rider is awesome and weird but it's boring after one hour if you enjoy weirdness.
And tumble was brilliant. It shows that Move is better than Enhanced Reality. 1:1 capture feels great and immerses in some mysterious way.

Gotta check Heavy Rain.

MGRogue20173009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

LOL.. And so N4G said?? *insert "The Price is Right" beeping noise*

.. Wrong. :D

mrcash3009d ago

I think Heavy Rain would work better with just the cam kinnect style or the ps one and alan wake would work great with move.

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3009d ago
N4g_null3009d ago

So it's put up or shut up time. You guys will get to see this thing at your house with no hype included. It's pretty much the same yet I can't believe it but I'm actualy impressed by the new capcom gaming using minority report type controls in game. Now that's What the move needs.

I forget the name oh it but I loved that games interface.

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dragon823009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

WOW, I think its time for someone to grow up.

RememberThe3573009d ago

But like any other piece of hardware it depends on the software. I think Socom is going to be fun with Move and they have shown some other intriguing games. Sony has yet to let down the hardocre gamers so I don't expect them to just because Nintendo did it with their motion controller.

Seferoth753009d ago

Why not they copy everything else they do....

LOL. anyway so far all I am seeing are casual games and the same kids who hated them on Wii instantly love them now that Sony does them.

Oh btw if you compare the release list for N64, GC and Wii, you will find that Nintendo put out more core titles for the Wii than they did for the other two. The only people claiming to be left out Nintendo fans are more often than not jaded Sony fans so upset someone else is in first they go to every article spouting made up info in some lame attempt to make the console look bad.

Oh and I see your post is a prime example.

RememberThe3573009d ago

HA! Jokes. But my point was not to bash Nintendo (which you seen to passionately defend, and I can respect that), my point was to say that these are different companies and they're going to do thing differently. It seems like people are expecting Move to be like the Wii, but Sony never does things like Nintendo. That was my point.

dragon823009d ago

I will admit that I love my Wii. I play it all the time. I am also getting Move tomorrow so I will have a more infomred opinion then but as of right now I think its pretty clear to anyone who isn't a blind fanboy that they are not the same thing.


Killzone 3, Dead Space 2, Heavy Rain, Infamous 2, Socom 4, Sorcery, MAG, Time Crysis, Under Siege, RUSE, The Fight: Lights out and more

IHateYouFanboys3009d ago

all of which would be better with a regular DS3.

dragon823009d ago

How do you know? Have you played them all with MOVE??

IHateYouFanboys3009d ago

i dont need to. have you SEEN the videos of Killzone and Socom being played with Move? like doing anything remotely accurate and quickly with the wii, its an exercise in frustration. the reticule jumps all over the place, its less accurate, and is generally harder to aim exactly at what you want to look at.

time crisis ill give him, didnt even see that game in his list. ruse probably, although that remains to be confirmed.

but there is NO way that an FPS or TPS will be better with move than with a regular controller. FPS games are about precision, thats why mouse+keyboard is the defacto controllers for computer FPS games. the next best thing is a dual analogue setup - not a wand that you wave around and a single analogue.

Sheikh Yerbouti3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Your butt muscles must be really toned keeping your mind closed like that. Don't catch a hernia.

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BannedForNineYears3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Killzone 3, Mag, LBP 2, Socom 4, Heavy Rain.
Aka yes.

Ah, I forgot about Dead Space 2.


tinybigman3009d ago

yup, it's already in hardcore games coming this year this and into next year.

mrcash3009d ago

dualshock for life lol, sorry I just don't dig the motion controls but I'm glad sony will be providing core games for the move.

Neko_Mega3009d ago

With MAG, Heavy Rain, Dead Space 2, KillZone 3 and who knows what else.

I think it is save to say Move is for about everyone, at least you don't have to use your hands as a gun and make gun sounds.

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