First PS3 Homebrew Game Released - PS3Pong v0.1

lachrymose has released a simple homebrew game known as PS3Pong.

"I give you the first Homebrew game for native GameOS. I coded it in about 12 hours. It’s not very good and I ran into some problems. Fixed soon!

- Controls: Up / down – Move
- Cross – Pause (not working)
- Bugs: Must do a hard reset on exit. Probably an easy fix.
- Next Release: 2 player!"

Its better than nothing right? Not to mention, this is definitely the right direction. Hopefully we'll see more homebrew apps and games released.

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JhawkFootball062776d ago

Im definitely jailbreaking my ps3 for this.

sdtarm2776d ago

this is PSjailbreak killer app

westy5522776d ago

Oh wow, im going to put down uncharted 2 to play pong. lol

SilentNegotiator2776d ago

Seriously, who needs to play PS3 games online when you have one-player Pong??

That's ALL that people have delivered through Ps3 homebrew so far?

Red_Orange_Juice2776d ago

I bet Sony knows hwo many cosoles with 3.40 fw haven't updated to 3.41 and it's not a lot.

JD_Shadow2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Yes, have they really? How dare we don't master the whole PS3 specs within a month of being able to actually USE it via the Jailbreak that Sony and the anti-piracy "let's screw EVERYONE to take care of the few" seem to be completely against and refuse to open their minds to the legal possibilities of it for even a second?

Oh, and let's see how many disagrees I get for THIS one! It's strange how these so-called "anti-piracy" people tend to work in debates. I feel like I'm debating against Nancy "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Grace every time I give the other side of this sort of thing!

xAlmostPro2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

all you guys who have been waiting for homebrew most be so excited right now.. fricken pong HD motherf*ckers YEAAAHHH!!!

rajman2777d ago

Yess....cant wait for the PSP, PS2 & Dreamcast emulation to be released. Might consider using it on my 2nd PS3 which is still on FW 3.41

tunaks12776d ago

Homebrew community is awesome.

Paradise Lost2776d ago

Homebrew is Really fun, Piracy though is Not so fun.

sdtarm2776d ago

Killzone 2 MP with N4G mods and other users, send a PM to join, last chance

CellularDivinization2776d ago

I thought KZ2 had tons of players :S

sdtarm2776d ago

certainly have no bra*n eh?

SilentNegotiator2776d ago

Why? Have you played it, Bungie account #6590689065?

LordMarius2776d ago

Cool, playing Killzone with N4G members is much better than Pong

sdtarm2776d ago

I see what u did there!

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The story is too old to be commented.