On Shelves This Week: August 20 to August 26, 2007

Hoping you guys saved up enough money for this week's releases. There's quite a lot of eye-catchers hitting the shelves and every single major platform out there - PS3, 360, Wii, PC, PSP, and DS - has at least one good title to offer

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bym051d4111d ago

I haven't heard anything about this Bioshock game. Is it supposed to be any good?

It looks like Wolfenstein 3D under water.

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4111d ago

Only like the greatest game ever. It will totally destroy the PS3, and make the 360 the greatest selling console in history. That and Halo 3. If you disagree with me, that means you honestly don't know what you're talking about.

ItsDubC4111d ago

Greatest-selling console in *history*?

FYI: Bioshock is also on the PC.

ALI-G4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

PS3 got port as usual but this time it is only 6 month old and not looked @30fps
mmmmmmm let me see : i will be playing bioshock(PERFECTION) ,than two world(NICE) , not sure about BlueDragon(better reviews than LAIR) , than Stronghold(now not in october) , than the DEMO of Skate(only in xboxlive).aftter that Moto GP 07 befor i play Halo 3(real system seller).

Audiggity4111d ago

Wolfenstein under water? Yeah... that's exactly what it is. Smart!

You are smart aren't you? So, you've been living under a rock (PS3)?

You PS3 fanboys are insane - what will it take for you all to wake up? Yes, you do have some good games on the way; Heavenly Sword & MGS4... is that it? Warhawk? Yeah... that'll be just as good as Lair I'm sure. In fact, I think it is Lair with a couple textures swapped out. So much for originality.

I can't wait until Rockstar announces that the PS3 version of GTAVI is what's been holding them back... and then it'll be released ay 30fps while we're playing original content at 60fps. After we're finished with Halo 3, Mass Effect, Eternal Sonata and Bioshock. And those are just the exclusives I'm interested in... we'll still be enjoying our cross-platform versions at smoother frame rates and with working multiplayer modes. Virtua Fighter 5 anyone? We can have a PS3 vs. 360 online duel!

Oh wait, that's right, PS3 version has no multiplayer... how surprising.

PS3 FANBOYS! Please continue your parade of stupidity, when you eventually grow a couple brain cells you will need to read your comments in the future for a good laugh. Have fun playing all of your games...? Whenever they decide to stop delaying them... and eventually release them of course.


bym051d4111d ago

It seems that other people were at least "smart" enough to see an obviously satirical comment about the hype and accolades BioShock has been receiving.

Check yourself out before you start commenting on others' intelligence.

thisisim4111d ago

I think you were right to bash someone so hard for not knowing about a video game.

Remember that it's summer and consider another hobby besides your holy quest to uphold your favorite console.

AngryTypingGuy4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

@ audiggity...I agree that the 360 is better, but that was a little harsh wasn't it? What console you get is really just preference (or budget), not stupidity. I too think that the 360 crop of upcoming games is better, but if someone wants to play Warhawk and Lair, then that's fine by me. Remember, as gamers, we all need ALL 3 consoles to succeed, in order to keep competition high and quality high, while help maintaining price control.

The only thing I think is stupid is not doing research on what makes the consoles different before buying one.

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ItsDubC4111d ago

I won't be buying any, but it's nice to see the Wii ports going at only half-price like they should be.

rev204111d ago

Ill wait till the 28th to get warhawk

GodofPeace4111d ago

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW!!! you're a funny 360 fanboy because its on the PC and you're blind by the greatness of the PS2. Halo 3 won't move much because the hardcores who bought the 360 first bought it for HAlo and halo fanbase isn't greater than 8 million so yea 360 fanboys suck by they stupidity and ignorance.

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4111d ago


I'm not blind to the greatness of the PS2. The PS2 was a fine console :), but obviously the 360 is superior in every sense.

dinkeldinkse4111d ago

especially the people that are halo fanboys they suck worst of all
because they have made an average and overrated game franchise into a best seller,the original pacman had a more in depth storyline and gameplay
Halo sucks
Killzone rules

Audiggity4111d ago


Because you are claiming that a blockbuster franchise, with more pre-orders than there are PS3 owners is a failure... while comparing it to a game that you've seen only videos for... and the first Killzone sucked if you don't remember.

I'm certainly no Halo fanboy... hell, I alsmost decided not to buy it. I'm just buying it because none of you PS3 apple-eating bucket head mongos will ever get to experience the 4 player co-op experience.

doublertist4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

you are a F***ing has been proven that halo 3 only has 1 million pre orders so to say they have 5 times that is really stupid on your part...way to know your facts [email protected]@!!! and yes you are a halo fanboy if you say something like that...

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SuperSaiyan44111d ago

That was the funniest thing ever! Hahahaha

Port as usual man you made me laugh out loud!

Now lets try that in Ali G's actual voice:

Me iz gots da PS3 innit and az usual me iz gettin a port booyakah!

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