Rumour : Tomb Raider reboot in development, set in Japanese Island

Gamersmint : PC Gamer’s latest rumour column “The Spy” claims to have discovered a treasure of details on the next Tomb Raider.

According to their sources the brand new Tomb Raider will be set in a sandbox/open world setting and will take place in a Japanese island which Lara can explore at will.

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TheLeprachaun2648d ago

Hmm an open world Tomb Raider. Could be interesting....

Kurisu2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

There were rumours of an open world TR in Official PlayStation Magaizine a few months back! :D Would be good. Hopefully it's true. Also, Square Enix confirmed on the PS Blog that a new Tomb Raider is being worked on:

"Crystal Dynamics are currently working on two projects. One of them is Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, the other one is another game which I can’t mention or I’d get sacked *cough*Tomb Raider*cough*."

(read underneath the first picture)

Cloudberry2647d ago


An open world Tomb Raider game...

It would be great if it's true.

DORMIN2647d ago

*cough* Squenix *cough*

DigitalAnalog2647d ago

Camera and controls have always been an issue for me when playing TR. BTW, I want more puzzle segments like the old games and please get rid of that nasty grappling hook.

-End statement

XXXCouture2647d ago

those pictures are almost a year old.......

TheHardware2648d ago

two reboots, 2 female lead characters, lol

XANDEO2648d ago

Reboots is the new sequels it seems

dredgewalker2647d ago

I hope this isn't gonna be a trend cause if it does it will just alienate a lot of long time gamers.

DORMIN2647d ago

They should make a Reboot game.

[email protected]2647d ago

Reboots are the new twilight this days >.>

Nolando2647d ago

tomb raider GoL, was a good direction and looks like TR is making a comeback. i know it aint gonna challenge Uncharted for a while but someday maybe :P

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Apotheosize2647d ago

Open world tomb raider...i just came

KiRBY30002647d ago

there is something very wrong about associating video game and sperm. i'll never understand these comments.

Johandevries2647d ago

Could be squirt as well

OT: I think they should continue with the gameplay of Tomb Raider: The Guardian of Light

velocitygamer2647d ago

So lets just hope she doesn't go emo like devil may cry...

PhillyEagles12647d ago

How many reboots can one franchise get?

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The story is too old to be commented.