Bungie explains how to create your own Invasion gametypes in Forge

Bungie writes:

"Q. Can I use Forge to build my own custom Invasion experience?

A. Yes!

But, of course, the real answer is a touch more nuanced than that. Like all things Forge related, the first step – placing objects and laying out weapons – is the easy part of the equation. Creating a fun Invasion Map Variant with the Forge also demands that you lovingly place spawns, carefully layout safe zones, and correctly fashion several objective phases. Ultimately, a proper Invasion layout requires no small amount of forethought, planning, and implementation."

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awiseman2772d ago

Try and see Infinity Ward or some other company do that...o wait they dont even have a map editor option becuz they want u to pay for their overpriced dlc *cough* mw2 map packs *cough*.