Feature: Why Skyward Sword will be a must-buy

CVG: Announced with a flurry of slashes, slices and lops, it was hard to leave E3 not jabbering about Zelda's all-new MotionPlus controls.

But as visitors swung remotes to bury hot steel in Bokoblin belly, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma buried hot words in journalist ears.

Players should be familiar with the basics of Zelda Skyward Sword by now, the controls and general design decisions.

What you may not know is all the bombshells Aonuma's has kept to himself.

Fortunately we've gathered the best and converted them to ten easily digestible points and explain why they'll make the new Zelda a must play.

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Seijoru2777d ago

I'm still mad that they had to choose that art style. I loved Windwaker but this art style just doesn't fit mature Link.

ChickeyCantor2776d ago



GuruStarr782777d ago

The game looks fine......I'm sure it will play well too...Miyamoto is a genius.......I hope that Sony can make games like this with the Move.

2776d ago
tunaks12776d ago

Because its Zelda,
Zelda = Amazing.

AWBrawler2776d ago

Aside from Twilight, when has Zelda ever looked realistic and gritty. Its supposed to be anime-like in appearance, just look at all the old boxarts!
when did people become such graphic whores

DarkFantasy2776d ago

alot of gamers think better graphics = a better game , which isn't true at all .. i like the way this zelda looks then any outher zelda but thats imo .... gameplay,good story > graphics..

SpoonyRedMage2776d ago

I personally love the way it looks, probably the best look for a 3D Zelda IMO(although OOT 3DS looks great as well).... I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's complete... remember that Aonuma said they're working solely on the graphics now.