MIG: EA Sport's MMA Preview

MyInsideGamer head to a destination in London to get hands on with EA sport's new MMA title.

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jinofthesheep3010d ago

very much looking forward to the prospects of live broadcasts. if that does well, ea sports could have a tool that will blow the rest of their competition out of the water in years to come. imagine watching fifa matches as if they were really real matches. nba, nhl and madden head to heads becoming as popular their real life counter parts. could be a whole new age for major league gaming as well...

stannersprice3010d ago

ain't gunna be THAT big dude, a cool feature granted, but won't "blow the rest of the competition out of the water"...

jinofthesheep3010d ago

trust me, it will. complete game changer and it means that it has greater longevity than it's nearest rival UFC undisputed. it should find a good footfold with this IP, whilst the success of the live broadcast will determine if other titles could be used with it. EA MMA is a testing ground for EA and if it works, sports games wont be the same ever again. mark my words...

3010d ago