8.0 Sports Champions Review

Given the success of Wii Sports and – later on – Wii Sports Resort, it was a bit of a given that both Sony and Microsoft would release a sporting package for their motion gaming devices at launch. It’ll be dashed hard to not compare Sony’s Sports Champions to either of Nintendo’s products at every turn and – to be fair – it wouldn’t be massively unwise to do so anyway. The majority of gamers have played or at the very least seen Wii Sports being played, and therefore comparisons will be made by all, not just by reviewers.

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InfectedDK2777d ago

................ ?
But anyway! Great game and Move is very precise and handy!

btk2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

kineticboom -
4/5 for a PS3 title. Interesting choice of name for a site that reviews a PS3 game

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KMxRetro2777d ago

Are you mixing up "Kinect" (the Microsoft product) and "Kinetic" (which means "movement")?

The site's name is the latter, and it focuses on motion gaming.