Demons Soul's: Collector Edition Official Out of Print

Demon’s Souls multi continent launch has paid off. The hardest action RPG on the planet has reached a mile stone by joining the Playstation 3’s library of Greatest Hits titles. Atlus was concerned about Demon’s Souls ability to win over the western audience, despite its success in Japan.

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NabikiTendo3010d ago

i love you sony for making the ps3
i love you atlus for publishing this in america
i love you from software/sony japan for developing this game
i love you demon's souls

Hardbladestone3010d ago

know what we need is part 2

Hoje03083010d ago

What's the name of the new "Dark Fantasy" game that From just announced as a PS3 exclusive? Might be a spiritual successor to DS. At least I hope.

Lifendz3010d ago

Seriously, if you're scared of the difficulty don't be. The game is effing amazing. You only die when you do something stupid or get cocky. It's a great game people. From the graphics to the online interactions to the weapon name it and it has it.

zatrox3010d ago

Already stated it'll be PS3 exclusive in Japan, multiplat everywhere else.

rdgneoz33010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

@Hoje0308 Its not a PS3 exclusive I believe, except in Japan. I think one article mentioned it going to the 360. As for it being the spiritual successor, it won't be exactly the same as Demons Soul's but hopefully it turns out to be as good.

El_Colombiano3010d ago

Give me a link to the article that says it's a multiplatform outside of Japan.

ezcex3010d ago

Look at the english site and then the japanese site. See anything different?

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nefertis3010d ago

@Hardbladestone  Yeah I agree with u or dlc would be awesome too DS.

Ven10003010d ago

Word of mouth will also aid the Move.

StarCSR3010d ago

I don't think anything will help "Move". We've all had the Wii and I don't think the REAL gamers are that interested in stuff like Move and Kinect. Maybe I'm wrong, but even then: I'm not interested.

Roonie3010d ago

Us a true DEMON SOULS 2!!!!

DaTruth3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

The true Demon's Souls begins here!

Edit: Excuse me if I got this quote wrong but my 60 gig took my savegame to the grave with it and I can't bear to start over!

rdgneoz33010d ago

I switched hard drives, and the damn save would transfer over... I ended up making a new character and playing it a different style - first 2h melee character and now a dual Moon Uchigatana caster.

No FanS Land3010d ago

cool, I bought the LE edition a week after it was out at 80 bucks. I can just imagine the prices rising.

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The story is too old to be commented.