PSN maintenance scheduled for September 21

PSB : The PSN network will be undergoing maintenance from Tuesday, September 21, 17h until Wednesday , September 22,3h according to a forum post on the official Playstation forums.

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cyborg2684d ago

it's related to the new firmware update, PSN has undergone similar maintenance when previous updates were released.

Joule2684d ago

Yeah, hopefully they speed up the PSN card when its loading the trophies.

Its damn slow

T9X692684d ago

Ever since the last major firmware, mine loads fast as hell.

Anton Chigurh2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I guess they are preparing PSN for GT5. They expect Huge numbers of players.


jay22684d ago

@Anton Chigurh, Nah, way too early.

WhittO2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

PSN Card has good loading times. The problem is the lack of content it actually has to load, I mean a number for level and a few pics of latest trophies (which all usually look the same in most games so ends up being the same pic X 8 lol) isn't alot of info to show.

They really need updating with a new style and more customisable info (like showing favourite games instead of trophies or pic what trophies to display on card etc).

Could this actually be a sign something new is coming to PSN in this FW since they are doing a service the day it is launching? I doubt they need to do a service just because alot of people will be downloading the update, since it was fine a couple of weeks ago for the last update, wont be for 3D Blu-ray compatibility.

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Xulap2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I'm expecting good things coming with firmware 3.50, besides Blu-Ray 3D Support. Don't let me down, Sony!

PS. They already said BR3D is not the only thing the update will have.

Simco8762684d ago

Maybe they will throw in Cross Game Chat? One of the top three blog share entries at least Sony!

Pillville2684d ago

I can almost guarantee you that none of the top 10 (except ICO Collection) will ever be implemented.

We can dream though.

Paradise Lost2684d ago

I don't even use Cross game chat for my 360 but if it were implemented to the ps3 in the next FM i would be happy because i wont have to hear fucking crybabies on every god forsaken ps article.