Under the hood: id Tech 5

Through the years, John Carmack and id Software have consistently improved graphics engines, popularized networked gameplay, pioneered technology licensing – mostly for the PC. But id's newly announced technology hopes to change everything about the way next-gen games are made.

Over the next few months, everyone in the industry is going to be hearing a lot more about id Tech 5. Part of that is because id's business development team will be having talks with developers, publishers, and other partners. The other part is because it's a bit remarkable.

Id Tech 5 will have everything you'd expect from id Software: better rendering than the last round, multiplayer networking. But there are two elements that could make it a developer's dream.

First, it's seamlessly cross-platform - Mac, PC, 360, and PS3 in this case. It would be an understatement to say that this could make life simpler for a game developer: both in production and business matters.

Second, there is the Mega Texture technology. It's quite technical to describe why these streaming surfaces are important, or even how they work. But what does matter to game industry workers is something called id Studio.

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ALI-G4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

i think this enginee will have far more impact and importance than UR3 and will cut coast of next gen devlopement hence encourge more devloper to jump in .also it will expand the multi-platfrom games to MAC users