GameSpot: GoldenEye 007 Single-Player Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "This year GoldenEye 007 returns to a Nintendo console with Activision's reimagining of the original classic for the N64. The game is being treated with great respect, says Activision, with the company's largest-ever Wii development team of 125 staff at Eurocom. The studio promises modern gameplay with some nostalgic twists. The game takes place in the new James Bond universe, meaning Daniel Craig as 007 and less gadget-driven action".

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Montrealien2862d ago

Am I the only one slightly annoyed that Pierce Brosnan is not in this game? This remake fantasy of golden eye is slowly tasting more and more sour.

tunaks12862d ago

because we saw so much of Brosnan in the original right? It was a FPS for god sake, all we usually saw was his hand...

2862d ago
FinalomegaS2861d ago

going to get, lost my 3 copies of the N64 cart =/