GameSpot: The Last Guardian and Team Ico Collection TGS 2010 Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Our most recent look at The Last Guardian was at Tokyo Game Show 2009 when Sony and Team Ico showed off some new footage to the press in an appointment that was more about discussing the game than showing it in action. One year later and we're back in the same situation; we've yet to see a proper gameplay demo of this highly anticipated title from the studio behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, but at the very least we've been able to see some new video and hear a few updates from the developer. And as an added bonus, we were shown a quick demo of the HD remake of Shadow of the Colossus that will be bundled along with Ico in an updated greatest hits collection next year".

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Montrealien2772d ago

this was some of the best news for me at this TGS, I will be getting this day one, still got my originals and imho they still stand up to current gen games, but the HD treatment will be something special.

heroprotagonist2772d ago

I feel the same way. The Last Guardian is the game I want the most for my PS3.

zeeshan2772d ago

ico and shadow in hd and 3d!!!!!!

NeloAnjelo2772d ago

Alot of games today hardly leave an impression, a lasting mark that lives on in peoples minds. ICO and SOTC however surpasses every bar, and sets some of its own.
Regardless of low sales or hype both games have now made it across two generations. Ironically there is more hype and focus now than there was last gen. The sales of this single disk may be more than both games combined. Sadly, and at the same time pleasing, there won't be many gems like these. Five years from now we may all still be playing Halos and CODs, and Killzones. But SOTC and ICO will remain important marvels in gaming despite all its controls and framrate issues.

These games prove that its not all about sales, or marketing, or being mainstream... Its about quality and storytelling through the gaming art. I own both of these on PS2 and a BC PS3. I'm still picking it up day one, after 3 playthroughs each.

fooltheman2772d ago

I never heard of these gems..but i'm glad i'll get a new change to know them

KrazyFace2772d ago

I feel the same way; SotC and ICO were two games that even though I've not played for YEARS, I can visualise them and remember how I FELT while playing them. I'm sure I'm not alone when a sigh of releif escaped my lips as I read that there could be multiple endings for TLG. The Trico reminds me of my old cat I used to have, and I had a feeling he had to die at the end of the game. Kinda like when your horse does a disappearing act in SotC.


NeloAnjelo2772d ago

Well I think alot of us are predicting this. As in an interview with Ueda, he says the music was chosen to cheer people up, and avoid the sad feeling. He's also aware of this prediction by fans.

Not to be a pessimist, but imagine if the lead character dies? As in the kid? That would be huge and the shock value...?!! Yeah I got a cat as well, and I swear if he had feathers he's looked just like the creature. Something about the face.

BABY-JEDI2771d ago

infact the only sad point about that game was that it ended...
You cannot get higher praise for a game than this..
But if the last guardian did have a BIG SAD ENDING. Im sure i will be crying. But thats life & art.

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