IGN: TGS: Did Devil May Cry Just Get Real?

The main complaint that everyone seems to be focusing on is the change to Dante's character design. Well it is shocking at first, but it makes total sense, especially when you consider the direction that the developers are taking the series.

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k-dillinger2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

this dude looks like justin bieber's dark side this isn't no Dante or devil may cry for that matter...

Christopher2772d ago

Every time I see the image, I picture his face in place of Edward's on those twilight posters.

menoyou2772d ago

real? if by real you mean real gay, then yes. the new dante is lame as hell. boycott this crap.

xAlmostPro2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

i actually agree with the article.. nobody knows the full story details for this game yet.. but it seems likely it was his teen years.. so it make sense to make him look younger and change a few things.. do you think everyone has one colour of hair their whole life? lol no..

if thats the story they are going with then it makes sense to make the character look different.. you cant say you'd be happy with "ok so heres the new DMC.. the new storylines about dantes younger years, but we've used the dante from previous games.. because you know.. it doesnt make sense and its what the fans want" lol..

ok the characters different, but if you're a fan your still going to get what seems like a great dmc game unlike the last game -_-

look how many times they changed snake and even used and are using a completely different character in metal gear solid.. <still great games with great storylines

TheHardware2772d ago

They have no Idea what to do with you...

They say the series needs a reboot, and your games got stale, so first they made too much of you (Nero) now ...uhmm none of you. think I'll wait for Ninja Gaiden to come out (maybe he will take the mask off and still be a man at least)

VileAndVicious2772d ago

Why reboot a series that you never finished explaining in the first place??

DMC was fine the way it was just needed a few tweaks to the story and combat. It didnt need tweaks to Dante!!

I just dont get it...WTH was capcom thinking turning one of their most iconic game creations into.....this?

Hideki Kamiya is probably so disappointed.

xAlmostPro2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

a reboot doesnt mean the whole storyline has been scrapped(although i guess it could) it can simply mean taking it a different route to get the franchise back on track.. and why not start with his younger years?

and yeah because when raiden was the main character in metal gear solid.. it ruined the franchise and made a bad game.. when they made snake old and gave him grey hair.. GREY HAIR god dammit, it ruined the franchise..

so naive

VileAndVicious2771d ago

Sure most people didnt really care for the original Raiden or playing as him. But the game was still Metal Gear, it still fit with the universe.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow is a reboot and it looks nice but it doesnt stray to far away from the whole look and feel of the castlevania universe. Its roots if you will.

But the problem that I have with the new DMC is that it doesnt even appear to be a Devil May Cry game. This is not the original game Kamiya had visioned. And what he had envisioned was what had made the entire franchise so popular and thats why (at least IMO) every DMC after the first has been slightly worse than the original.

Think of your favorite movie franchise then imagine someone else directing it, the results will always be mixed.

But to me this new DMC just seems... so unnecessary. Devil May Cry didnt need a reboot. Its not as if the last had horrible sales or whatever.

So AlmostPro say what you will, but the response to the new DMC has been widely negative. Its not just me. I mean come on Capcom fucked up with this one.

But there is still time for Capcom and ninja Theory to salvage this. And I imagine that we will see a redesigned Dante for DMC5 in the near future. Just like with Infamous 2 and Cole Macgrath.

Britney Spears2772d ago

i think they will still make a real dmc 5 game[maybe dmc 5] but this is probably just an experiment.

GSpartan7772772d ago

You'll realize it once you read it. He pretends to know something about the series yet comes out completely clueless.

RememberThe3572772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

I read your comment and thought, "Oh, he's just being an asshole." I went and read it and you were right. This guy basically said he likes what we seem to hate. That's it.

xAlmostPro2772d ago

@rememberthe357 and whats so wrong with somebody liking it? because you dont nobody else can? wtf lol

Blaine2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Well, really, there's no need to read past the first line: "I love Devil May Cry, though the only game I played in the series religiously was Devil May Cry 3"

So, in other words, you're NOT a DMC fan, you only played the one game. That's like other people who are commenting on the new trailer saying: "Oh, I was never a fan of DMC, I think this looks really good." If you're not a fan you have no idea how betrayed we feel and you have no right to support the reboot.

-Judge_Fudge2772d ago

dude if i could bubble you i would..could i just hug you as one DMC fan to another?

cjflora2772d ago

He said it was the only one he played religiously. That means alot. Doesn't necessarily mean it was the ONLY one he played. I would take that more as stating it was his favorite in the series, which makes sense because many people really liked that one.

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