Ace Combat: Assault Horizon deploys TGS media

Scrawl: "Twenty new screenshots and a new trailer for Namco Bandai’s upcoming Ace Combat: Assault Horizon have been released out of the Tokyo Game Show today. The trailer looks like it has some gameplay in it, as you’ll see button commands pop up on screen from time to time."

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bviperz2986d ago

Play as a gunner in an assault chopper? Count me in!

Gago2985d ago

i loved AC6, preordering this right away

TheHardware2986d ago

I cant wait for this, please tell me there is online....all I need in a Road Rash (EA read this, RR sucka)

Zancruz2985d ago

Should be. Their was online play on the one for the 360, But it sucked bigtime!

Zancruz2985d ago

If that's gameplay.... HOLY MOTHER @#[email protected]#$% @#$%!!!

TheHardware2985d ago

how i feel, i've been an Ace combat fanatic for a long time, didnt have a 360 when it was released but i heard it wasnt that good anyway.

but poor thumbs lol

Zancruz2985d ago

Samehere I've been loving and playing the Ace Combat games since it was called Air Combat on the PS1... Yeah, you didn't miss nothing in the 360 Ace Combat.

saint_john_paul_ii2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

its gameplay. they must of benefited alot from the cellius program. they took what they learned from that and they bought it to both platforms.

earbus2985d ago

Ace combat 6 was fantastic online the game is still 60 bux here in oz flying in caves was brill the trailer for new game looks flat and the terrain quality abismal to me 6 campaign and online took a big dump on hawks only over g fighters was close , this is looking like a gimped arcade version of ace 6 well new hawx looks worse so does this.

2985d ago
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