Torchlight II - ZTGD Preview

Cat writes, "Developed by some of the same folks that worked on a little game called Diablo, you're going to see a few of the same pleasing similarities - loot, potions, loot, portals and scrolls, loot. Of course this isn't Diablo, this is Torchlight, and where the first game brought fun and addictive gameplay in fantastic style the sequel adds a generous helping of multiplayer and new environments. This is not an add-on, folks, this is a full sequel that makes a good game great. Or a great game greater. Whichever it is it's good stuff."

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Cat2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Related topic - there's a really cool feature (that I had nothing to do with, so I can say it's really cool ;) ) with Travis Baldree on the creation of Runic Games, sort of a story-of-a-small-studio thing:

atticus142777d ago

the article says they are still shooting for a 20 dollar price tag for this one too...

that would be great.

Cat2777d ago

Yep, when I spoke with them about it they said they want to keep that low price point!

Voodoochild2777d ago

I can't wait for Torchlight2 with Multiplayer. Please give it to me now.

Captain Tuttle2777d ago

Torchlight=great game. Can't wait for number 2.

RedPawn2777d ago

I seriously need to get back into P.C Gaming.

Captain Tuttle2777d ago

Especially if you think GamingSucksNow.

RedPawn2777d ago

It's an inside joke, and I love all platforms.

Captain Tuttle2777d ago

I just couldn't resist using your name in my comment.

Zinc2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I hope the story is a little meater, as well.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to this and I'm glad to see a first time struggling developer able to break out and be successful.

Captain Tuttle2777d ago

It's good to see a relatively low budget new IP do really well.

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