Ni No Kuni PS3 TGS trailer released

Scrawl: "Level-5 has sent out the Tokyo Game Show trailer for Ni No Kuni this afternoon. Running at a minute and thirty seconds, the trailer boasts visually enchanting environments, young characters, battles against various creatures, and fat princesses."

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DA_SHREDDER2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I only like turn based when it comes to rpgs. Everything messes up as soon as you make it free roam during combat because things turn into a cluster fuck. Even worse, when your fighting huge bosses the physics of everything from bumping into characters and people in your party having their own AI really ruins the experience for me. Im gonna give up on my favorite genre if all they can do is make rpgs play like a Tales game. I really was sold until I saw the combat.

SasanovaS19872982d ago

noone cares about you. im gettin it

darthdevidem012982d ago


lololol @ DA_SHREDDER

A Cupcake for Gabe2982d ago

Man, I love Studio Ghibli and Level 5. Spirited Away is still in my top 5 all-time favorite anime films and Professor Layton got me wanting a Hiyao Miyazaki inspired game, and now I got one..!!! These worlds are alwyas created with the most imaginative imagery and visually eyegasmic environments, characters, and color.

bjornbear2981d ago

turnbased combat is what drove me away from the awesomeness of FF...i hate it


looks absolutely amazing

PS3, it only does artistic games in HD =D

raztad2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

As DQ moved to nintendo consoles I was left wanted a fix. This game looks like it. I think it is gonna be a serious system seller when it finally launches.

tinybigman2982d ago

this game looks stunning i hope it gets a stateside release.

knightdarkbox2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Tales of Vesperia looks better...

webeblazing @

Tales of vesperia are of the best RPG's I've ever played... It was a very decent game, and the ingame written stories were fantastic.

Seijoru2982d ago

How can something be the best but only decent?

webeblazing2982d ago

you never played lvl 5 games before your post proves it

AllroundGamer2982d ago

i'm also a fan of turn based jrpgs, i find the action combat chaotic... wish they would implement both styles in the game and let the player choose his favorite one :(

FamilyGuy2982d ago

Da Shredder, no one cares about your particular taste in rpgs, who are you?

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cliffbo2982d ago

when watching any videos related to this game, ignore the character and focus on all the animations in the background like water and flowers and characters... just SUBLIME

JewelTheif2982d ago

This looks fan-freaking-tastic. o_O

Sigh2982d ago

loveeeeeeeee it. 2011 is gonna be great with this and Last Guardian :D

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