Capcom’s Dante Finds His Inner-Emo Peter Parker

The announcement of a new Devil May Cry game has everyone in a commotion. Is it the gameplay, the setting, the timeline? No, it's Dante's new redesigned emo look. GameZone takes a look at who might have inspired this redesign.

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craazy3012d ago

I actually dont care what he looks like, so long as the game is fun!

LeShin3012d ago

If they're gonna make me stare at him for 8-12 hours, they better at least make him likeable and not looking like someone that's swapped his dinners for cocaine!

BYE3012d ago

So you rather look at a white haired emo for 10 hours, ok.

LeShin3012d ago

Weird, never seen a muscular emo before...let alone one with white you even know what an 'emo' is meant to look like?

But let's pretend you even know what you're talking about:

White haired muscular, cool 'emo' > black haired, malnourished coke fiend emo

rdgneoz33012d ago

If they changed his name, people might not hate the look so much. Hopefully the gameplay kicks ass.

Edward-Kraken3012d ago

I dont think its right to say its Capcom's Dante because that Dante from "DmC" is created by someone from NT.

cemelc3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Actually its capcom the one who aproved the design so its their fault 100%

lavachoke3012d ago

that's emo done right... right?

CandyCaptain3012d ago

By right do you mean totally drugged out and malnourished?

Caspel3012d ago

maybe there's a backstory for his drugged out looks? Maybe he's a coke fiend in the game and he has to have more to stay in his trance to eliminate foes

MegaMohsi3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

I really don't like this new Dante but if the gameplay is kickass I might forgive them a bit.

barefootgamer3012d ago

I'm not a fan of the DMC series, but I definitely preferred white haired Dante over emo Dante. Although some of those picks were pretty funny.

MGRogue20173012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

... Will we see him dancing like how Peter Parker does in Spider-Man 3..? :D

4pocalyps33012d ago

Oh god....the horror >_<

They ruined the franchise (talking about both spiderman and dmc here)

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The story is too old to be commented.