Dynasty Warriors 7 announced, is a PS3 exclusive

Gamersmint : Techmo Koei announced Dynasty Warriors 7 at the ongoing Tokyo Game Show.

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Sounds like more of the same.

Hope they develop the game to indicate is worth the money and time.

jellybalboa2924d ago

isnt it suppose to be dynasty warriors 6 for the ps3???????????

Vegeta90002924d ago

Which would be Dynasty Warriors 7 in America because Japan are behind in numbers.

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madao2923d ago

Sangoku Muso => Dynasty Warriors
Shin Sangoku Muso => Dynasty Warriors 2
Shin Sangoku Muso 2 => Dynasty Warriors 3
And so on...

When the series turned from fighting to hack and slash the Asian region title was changed and sequence reset. For some (imo) stupid reasons that wasn't done for the other regions.

I'm pretty sure this game will be exclusive to PS3 only in Japan and multiplatform for the English release.

Chubear2923d ago

yeah yeah yeah where the bloody hell is KESSEN!?!?!

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dangert122923d ago

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is ganging up on xbox? there is no way sony is paying for all these 3rd party exclusives,

on topic wooo hopefully it will take full advatange of the ps3 now theres nothing holding it back or worry of a inferrior version and better version etc

btk2923d ago

No - they see where Move and Kinect is going. They realize the XB360 is going to suffer horribly because of Kinect - they obviously want to make use of motion controls and decided not to waste their time trying to make the game for Kinect.

Raikiri2923d ago

Its only PS3 Exclusive in Japan like most of the third party titels announced at TGS.. like Project Dark

LastDance2923d ago

That's ironic considering they are lazy as hell and the Ps3 version of 6 was basically broken (split-screen).

Still going to pick it up if its good but!

dangert122923d ago

i don't know about that but hopefully the can do something that matches the high standard of ps3 exclusives made by sony devs

EYEamNUMBER12923d ago

dynasty warriors eh

maybe one day we will actually see a dynasty warriors game where its actually updated or actually different

-Judge_Fudge2923d ago

so this one will be just like the other 6 games

Bnet3432923d ago

You forgot the spin-offs, so it's more like the other 25 games lol.

Simon_Brezhnev2923d ago

Hopefully they redo the engine and everything else about this game.

2923d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.