30 Million PSN Accounts

StrengthGamer: Sony claims there to be over 30 million PSN Accounts currently active. Compared to the XBOX 360's 20 million users, this is quite the surprise stat.

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AnthonyAccinell2927d ago

never saw that coming. interesting.

ubiquitious2927d ago

Every PS3 owner I know has at least 3 accounts.

8-bit2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Yeah I have 3. One for US, EU and JP PS stores

Speaking of, Enslaved demo on PSN EU!

CadDad2927d ago

I only have the one, but both my kids and my wife each have their own PSN. (I don't want them earning trophies for me)

We have two PS3's also, since I don't like sharing mine.


lokiroo4202927d ago

It says active accounts, not made accounts.

Persistantthug2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

2 for myself,

and 1 for my nephew and niece when they come over. (They love FAT PRINCESS)

I was thinking about making a 4rth for Japan.

I've just been too lazy to do it yet.

darthv722927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I have one i use all the time and another i created for my son. Same for the 360. I got 3 profiles on that one.

I'd like to make 2 more for JP/EU psn.

Heartnet2927d ago

but they say active and althoughy i have 3 only 1 is active ^^ at e3 they said they had over 50 million activated psn accounts so i dunno what they did but :)

That might be the way they did it maybe not :)

YellowLightofDeath2927d ago

I have 4 accounts. 2 regular, a Euro, and a Japanese.

Christopher2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

*** It says active accounts, not made accounts. ***

I'm sure more than a few PS3s have multiple users on them. Families with multiple kids who each have their own accounts for their own trophy tracking and the like.

I don't think 30 million active accounts translates into 30 million PS3s around the world being played at least once a week. More notably, 30 million different PS3s being used for gaming at least once a week.

Those 30 million active accounts also include the people who start up their PS3 just for watching a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

ManGastaS2927d ago

I have 4 PSN active accounts!!!

PtRoLLFacE2927d ago

i got 4 one for the US, UK, AU and japan

Sez 2927d ago

I have 3 accounts myself in each region.

BloodyNapkin2927d ago

ROFL, i have 9 accounts. And my friend has 7.

OGharryjoysticks2927d ago

and every 360 owner I know has bought at least 2 360's

OGharryjoysticks2927d ago

...and every 360 owner I know bought at least 2 360's

BloodyNapkin2927d ago

I do not understand what you are trying to get at? Cause your account transfers over to the new machine, if it has to be replaced or buy a new one? You do not create a new account cause you bought a new machine or had it replaced.

Game-ur2927d ago

I think there is only one main account per PS3, the others are called sub-accounts.

It's not hard to believe the 30m number, PSN is free. Free is what got me into consol online gaming

Motorola2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I have 5 PSN accounts.....2 US,1 Jap, 1 uk, 1 german i think for a free wipeout HD thing a while back

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Akagi2927d ago

Key word here is "active".

OSU_Gamer2927d ago

I have 3 "active" accounts

BlackTar1872927d ago

what exactly. dont all accounts need a credit card on file?

lokiroo4202927d ago

The only thing an accounts needs is a made up email.

theKiller2926d ago

u need to check ur messages!! they are at the top right of the screen and u will see them shining red!!

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Seijoru2927d ago

Makes sense considering PSN is free.

iamnsuperman2927d ago

doesn't cost except 2 minutes of your time which is nothing.....Unlike Live where it cost per month so you feel less obliged to pay for it if you do not play much online...makes sense really

Counter Strike2927d ago ShowReplies(2)
Dance2927d ago

how many of those 30 million are multiple accounts

iamnsuperman2927d ago

This is why these figures do no matter between which console is best.....PSN free so could be multiple accounts and Live is more likely one account but also Most people who have PS3 will have an account but doesn't mean they play it often.......Its like the sales figures between PS3 and 360.....Early 360 had to buy another console after the original RROD and PS3 has a lower hardware failure rate so less are re-bought .... Figures are becoming less relevant especially in these fields

Taker_1292927d ago

I have a buddy that creates a new LIVE account every other month just so he gets the free month of LIVE. And he doesn't care about achievements. So the multiple accounts thing goes both ways.

sack_boi2927d ago

You can only do that 6 times. So on the 7th month he'll have to resell his Xbox or upgrade one of his accounts to Gold if he wants to keep using LIVE.

EVO-OM3GA2927d ago

You can only do that 2-3 times

Godmars2902927d ago

Are the XBL accounts Gold, Silver or mixed?

LordMarius2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Mixed, I believe the Gold number is around 12.5 million

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