New Medal of Honor trailer invites gamers to reach out and snipe someone

Ex: Electronic Arts has been introducing PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers to their reboot of the Medal of Honor series with a collection of uncut trailers of the single and multi-player experience. The fourth video in the "Medal of Honor Experience" was released today and features a mission where players take on the role of a sniper.

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Takoulya3011d ago

No bullet drop at that distance? :/

Christopher3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I would love a game that was a bit more realistic (gun jostle during movement so people can't just do constant headshots while running and gunning; bullet drop by distance; etc.). But, you can't put in bullet drop on sniping if you don't balance out all the others as well, which just isn't happening in online FPSes today.

As far as the video? If that was multiplayer, the sniper would have been dead after his first shot if he was to stick around that long in a sniping location.

Takoulya3010d ago

BF:BC2 had bullet drop that worked pretty damn well. I loved sniping because it was a challenge and I actually covered objectives and cut off enemy reinforcements.. in the Beta. I didn't get the full game. :P

I think that when a game has realism that balances a lot with fun, it leads to a great, tactical experience. Unfortunately, such a balance doesn't exist. That's when games like Halo come in. They completely forget realism and make a really fun experience. Tactics are also very effective in Halo when there are two very, very good teams playing against each other. For example, in Halo: Reach, it's a match of CTF. One guy uses Active Camo and hides near in the enemy base unnoticed while scrambling the enemy's radar. His teammate would then use hologram to create a distraction while one sprints to the flag and captures it. When under fire, he drops the flag and lets his teammate get it. His teammate then uses his jetpack to get the flag to safety. Very hypothetical, but effective.

Convas3011d ago

Ive been reaching out and touching folk for a while on Bad Company 2. No need to do it on Medal of honor. I'll wait for Vietnam.