Re-Live the 16 Epic Moments from Shadow of the Colossus, Now in Full 1080 HD


GB writes: "I have the highest respect for Team ICO now. Not due to the fact they make some great games but they did something which very few publishers and developers do. They listened to us...the fans...the gamers. By giving the remakes of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, they have not only proved they are good listeners but someone who actually respects the passion of video games and video gamers."

Through this article we pay homage to the upcoming HD release of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus on the PlayStation 3 by presenting you 16 Epic moments from Shadow of the Colossus and as you must have guess by the title these 16 moments are nothing but 16 epic colossal battles which were a representation of Guts, Glory and Scale.

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nouman19892862d ago

I remember , 5 years ago. Sony i love you for remaking these again!

raWfodog2862d ago

I never played ICO but if it's related to SotC then I'll definitely be getting it when the remake drops.

How come more developers can't make beautiful games like these that don't require guns and over-developed marines? Not that killing aliens isn't fun, but it's hardly original.

fuzion17c2862d ago

are definitely related. I won't say whether they're prequels or sequels tho. Better for you to find out on your own.

WetN00dle692862d ago

Me likey!
Whats the release date??

gameseveryday2862d ago

The Last Guardian comes out Holiday's 2011. Not sure about the remakes.

Overmind4202862d ago

Shadow of the Colossus was an epic game that truly was a shining moment near the end of the PS2 reign as console of choice. It was most certainly a game that I will never forget played and the emotions evoked as I battled and defeated the most epic bosses in video gaming history.

Belasco2862d ago

I never picked this one up, was it any good?

bjornbear2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

good isn't the right word

its marking.

if theres a videogame that will make you want more in the end, and leave you completely in awe, its SoTC

there's just something about it and then you will understand =)

P.S expect to feel saddened by your of the few games where you FEEL BAD for achieving something (sometimes, sometimes you just feel like god)

not to mention it probably had THE best ending twist in a videogame EVAR

GiggMan2862d ago

A lot of spoilers in that video, I never played this game either.

cmrbe2862d ago

like U2, KZ2 or Halo or GOW. Its not that type of game. It's a very different type of game and that's is part of the reason why it is special.

Ueda games is very basic in concept but extra ordinary in exceution. The level design, art dircetion, atomsphere, annimation, music and basic story mechanics is simply out of this world.

For very basic game mechanics Ueda manages to invoke so much emotion more than any other game that uses hollywood level production values to do the same.

SOTC is a bare bones game but it will stay with you forever kinda like the frist time you see The never ending story.

Belasco2862d ago

Why on earth did I get disagrees for a question?

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N4BmpS2862d ago

Sony went all out for the remastered versions.

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The story is too old to be commented.