PSjailbreak: allows any ps3 game to be played on PSP : GTA IV

homebrew has been released for ps3 through jailbreak which allows you to run any ps3 game through remote play on psp, this is an awesome feature !

details can be found here:

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PantherDST3010d ago

Just because it can run on the PSP does not mean it is playable. The button configuration is totaly differant, so I'd think that most games could not be played as created.

RPcinemas3010d ago

yes but the program can create custom button layouts specified for the type of game

Vortex3D3010d ago

Not necessary true. PSP doesn't have Right analog stick, L2, R2, L3 and R3. If the game uses every DS3 buttons, how do you map all the DS3 buttons to fewer PSP buttons. Use a "shift" to simulate multiple DS buttons?

How about PS3 games that have very small text? Is the small text readable when downscaled to lower PSP screen resolution?

Red_Orange_Juice3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Whatever, just update your PS3 and you don't have to "worry" no more about all this.
It doesn't concern YOU at all.


Hideo_Kojima3010d ago

Even if you remap the buttons you would be missing...

R3 click...
L3 analogue
L3 click...
L2 analogue bumper
R2 analogue bumper

You CAN'T just move the buttons around because the game will be limited... for example you won't have a button for cover or too look back in a car or for car horn.

uie4rhig3009d ago

i totally LOVE things like jailbreak, custom firmware and w/e else FOR THIS SPECIFIC reason. damn it sony, why you holding back on so many things?! i get you may get more monies on the longer run, but you're alienating your customers. don't do this!
about the button layout, a while ago there was a psp mod that attached a DS2 to the PSP and it was actually playable, so you would basically only be missing the sixaxis feature..
now if sony would allow for DS3s to be usable on PSP in some way (small addon that you plugin on your DS3?) and sony would unlock this for all games.. that would be a game killer, a LOT of PS3 owners WILL buy a PSP if they don't have it already for this specific feature, and ALL of those will obviously buy the DS3 addon to use DS3 on PSP. sony can cash a lot in with this.

Bereaver3009d ago

Wait.... let me get this straight, people actually want to play their ps3 on the psp, when they are sitting right beside a big screen tv?

The only benefit I could see coming out of this, is having a brother or sister ( mom or dad ), watching tv.

rockleex3009d ago

I remember some PSP hackers were able to do this, which was why Sony took their idea and created Remote Play for certain games in the first place!

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nycredude3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I already can do this with some games. I tried it and realized wtf am I doing playing a Ps3 game on the psp. It's downgrading!

While it sounds like the coolest this ever in reality it sucks and is a feature most will not use much.

Christopher3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )


I shake my head at the ignorance of people today.

morganfell3010d ago

Agreed. It's remote play and that is all. It isn't full remote play, only one of the 3 ways in which you can run remote play. Let's see him travel downtown, and run remote play through PSN. He is in remote play on his network and not signed into PSN. He can still travel but he has to set up his PSP to go over a standard connection and log into his network. So go ahead and have fun while the rest of us are running all the latest multiplayer games online.

deadreckoning6663010d ago

@morganfell-Lighten up dude...its a cool find.

morganfell3009d ago

You are kidding, right?

This is the equivalent of taking the tires off of your car and putting it up on blocks like some trailer park refugee. Yes the car starts but you cannot go anywhere. And now you want to brag because you have discovered with some tinkering that the CD player handles MP3s.

Eamon3009d ago

lol, guys you must know that morganfell will not be pleased with anything that isn't recognised by Sony.

Don't waste your time.

Anyway, I think it's been confirmed to work with VAIO computers. Need to find this out.

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VINNIEPAZ3010d ago ShowReplies(4)
ReservoirDog3163010d ago

You gotta admit though, that's pretty sick.

And I'm sure they can make it so that you can connect a gamepad to it and play it that way.

I mean, they got this* to work.

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CloudGamingHub3010d ago

wow this is awesome news ! would love to try this out one day. Imagine playing ps3 games on the move!

Colinwhite833010d ago

yeah imagine playing mw2 while out lol :D

CloudGamingHub3010d ago

lmao that would be funny impressing your friends

8-bit3010d ago

Dual analog... Sorry but that wont work. GTA4 works with 1 analog.

D4RkNIKON3010d ago

Don't know why people disagree.. COD would need both analog sticks to work unless they used the Circle Square X and Triangle as the other analog but that sucks balls and takes up too many buttons.

badz1493010d ago

that you can't go online with this. so...what the point, again? just to show that you can? even if it's silly?

8-bit3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Piracy are not news. And this is old
MaximusPrime | 3m ago

This doesn't have to be piracy man. It is remote play, you can use your disk in your PS3. This is just a homebrew hack that allows you to do something that Sony doesn't. No need to get your panties in a twist.

3010d ago
RPcinemas3010d ago

yes, he obviously has no idea of the word piracy

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