Duty Vs Halo

A quick look at the differences between the two top FPS games on Xbox Live. What are the respective strengths of the Halo games versus the Call of Duty games and what kind of online experience each one provides.

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Dance2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

both have big guns

BrianB2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


better story a deeper more complexed online and balanced weapons

KillerBBs2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

crying about not getting the sniper gun. Duty you can pick your weapon of choice!

Playing Halo last night, trying to kill a dude with a little pistol while he blasting me with rockets, thinking to my self... This game is not well balanced, specially the weapons. That's why everyone races to all the good weapons... because they are not well balanced. You don't hear anyone saying "hey man, let me get that pistol. You start with the lamest weapons and spawn with some dude firing rockets down your throat. Well, I see why some people like this.

Duty, I don't care what gun I have... they are so well balance... I use them all... not like a lame riffle vs. a Halo sniper, or rockets.

Duty game lobby RULES over Halo Reaching. I can play what ever I feel like. It's not determind by some lame vote. I'm a big boy... if I want to play snipers let me play a sniper lobby. If I want Swat then give me that option. U think Bungie would get right the 4 time! This voting for game play is LAME!!! What happen to the vehicles! Great more mongooses! LAME!

DasTier2588d ago

@killerBBS 9/10 times the pistol would win over a rocket

BigKev452590d ago

Give me both of them. Give me a good sci-fi shooter & military shooter any day.

N4GAddict2589d ago

Both series are great. Can't speak much about the communities though.

scar202590d ago

They're both lame nuff said.

monk3392590d ago

lame is putting a grad pic in your N4G profile.

both are great shooters, nuff said.

scar202589d ago

and putting a pix of a naked baby is cool?

monk3392589d ago

oh, you mean the European PS3 add campaign from 2008? actual, yeah.

snoopgg2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

battlefield bad company 2 is the best shooter out right now. Nuff said.

Mista T2589d ago

Halo hands down, gameplay is much better

cyberwaffles2588d ago

gotta motion that. reach is really fun this time around compared to halo 3. and as good as codbo is looking, its still essentially the same run n gun gameplay we've been playing since cod4 with some modifications albeit.

Terarmzar2589d ago

i hate call of duty and only played halo about twice so i have no real opinion on that.

ambientFLIER2588d ago

So why the heck did you post here?

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The story is too old to be commented.