Heavy Rain Wins Two More Awards

The critically acclaimed Heavy Rain wins two awards at Milthon 2010.

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NYC_Gamer2926d ago

this game really deserves all the awards....

Beatboxtaun2926d ago

I <3 Heavy Rain! I'm excited to give it more gameplay when the Move edition comes out. I've already gone through the various endings. It was one of those games that I really took my time with because I didn't want it to end.


''The game managed to win Best Game Design (Quantic Dream) and Best Console Game at the European awards event.''


Couple of days more to play with Move.

Def Warrant2926d ago

Awesome news. It's nice to see a great game getting rewarded. I can't wait for QD's next title.

3sq2926d ago

Good game but too many glitches.

MGRogue20172926d ago

I enjoyed the game thoroughly.. But, It was so short & extremely linear.

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The story is too old to be commented.