Halo Reach won't sell more than Halo 3 compares and contrasts Halo 3 and Halo Reach and decidedly proclaims that Halo Reach will not sell more than Halo 3.

From the article: "Halo Reach couldn’t have picked a better time to come out. After the Summer doldrums, where the only big games included StarCraft 2, Mafia II, and maybe even NHL 2k11, Halo Reach hits at the peak of summer/fall boredom just before the Christmas season storm.

But will it sell more than Halo 3? I initially said no… Am I wrong? Read on."

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Raikiri2982d ago

Lol Only Ps3 fanboys actually approve this crap

Akagi2982d ago

Did you read the article?

dtalon32982d ago

sad thing is the author of the article doesn't even know his games. is he talking about NHL 2011? by EA? because the only 2k11 is on WII and I highly doubt that has anything to do with Halo.

fail "journalists" should stop writing.

bjornbear2982d ago

Lol Only 360 fanboys judge a games quality by its sales.

lets face it


isn't it enough thats its BETTER than Halo 3? 360 fanboys are so obcessed with sales you are starting to lose sight of what REALLY matters in gaming

the bloody game.

-Alpha2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

People talk about Halo's sales because they are very high and it's a part of the news. No one is saying this is indicative of quality, except for a couple fanboys that will bring up sales and only sales to judge a game.

It's the same with GT5. Gran Turismo 5 has always been centered around the sales discussions too-- it will sell PS3s and push the console past the 360, it will break records, etc. The reason why PS3 fanboys don't obsess over sales is because their games don't sell as much. Sorry, but it's true-- if Sony games were selling better Sony fans would talk about sales like they did last gen and like they do with GT5. And if Xbox had better graphics like they did last gen and if they had Blu Ray they would talk about graphics.

360 fanboys talk about sales because PS3 fanboys can't. PS3 fanboys talk about graphics because 360 fanboys can't.

If these games weren't known for their sales juggernaut people wouldn't talk about its sales but that doesn't mean sales aren't a topic to talk about. Talking about quality in a sales article is pretty irrelevant. And this is an article ABOUT the sales. So to say 360 fanboys are obsessed with sales as quality isn't fair considering this is the topic that the article brings up. It has nothing to do with the product or content of Halo's quality.

Now, if this was about the quality of Halo and somebody brought up sales that's when the problem would arise since sales doesn't have direct correlation to quality.

Also, I think many games with high sales can back up topics about quality. Why do games have to be one or the other? Many high-selling games are jam packed with content and have amazing quality. Again, this doesn't exactly mean that more sales= better quality

wages of sin2982d ago

Reviosnist history much?

Back in the PS2 dayes especially, all we hard about were sales and how graphics didn't matter. The XBOX comes along, kicks Sonys as in the visual department while offering robust online play and a solid catalogu (particulary Halo, a series they still can't match).

That's when Sony got cocky and starting talking trash.

Yet with nothing to justifying the purchase of a PS3 until ver rercently, now it's "sales don't matter" and graphics do. So which one is it? This is what I can't stand you and the rest of the sdf. You're completey ignorant to the fact, vengeful haters who don't play games.

Sales do matter. Period. Companies don't spend all this money making them so some European teen can hop online and talk about a billion dollar company "caring" for you. Grow up already. The enjoyment we get out of gaming is a side affect of getting rich.

AAACE52982d ago

Halo Reach looks better and plays better than the older ones, it should sell well even if it doesn't out do Halo 3!

@bjornbear... And only Ps3 fanboys judge a games quality based on how much disc space is used!

Kingdom Come2982d ago

Lol, only PS3 fanboy's judge games by graphics...

TEFL0N_D0N_812982d ago

Reach is more like 'Empire Strikes Back'? That was my favorite of the Star Wars series.

antz11042982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )


Its on both sides buddy, as evidenced by the "GT5 will out sell everything" arguement lately.

Oh, and its obsessed.

@Telfon: TRUE THAT

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crzyjackbauer2982d ago

stupid ps3 fanboy
its like saying mw2 Wouldn’t sell more than cod4
or mass effec2 wouldn't sel more than mass effec 1
this guy is on crack cocaine

Boody-Bandit2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

"Read the article"

darkcharizard2982d ago

.... Halo 3 sold 5.5 million in FOUR WEEKS.

This guys is totally nuts!

kaveti66162982d ago

"Reach is more Empire Strikes Back than Return of the Jedi. Kind of a downer in tone"

So, it's full of massive win.

Boody-Bandit2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Classic example of someone that posted without bothering to read the article.

spacetattoo2982d ago

The game is good and the hype around the game will only grow. This game will have long legs.

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Kingdom Come2982d ago

Halo Reach has proven to be a tremendously successful title and it is most definitely worthy of it.

nilamo2982d ago

the install base is twice as big as it was when halo 3 released. Seriously there is no doubt in my mind that halo reach will outsell halo 3.

ShiNe-Box-2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Call of Dudy is going to take away a lot of sales from Reach.

Dance2982d ago

call of duty releases in november

newhumanbreed2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Well the guy is wrong. So far Halo: Reach has sold more on day one than Halo 3 did on day one. I think it will outsell Halo 3.

SolidSystem2982d ago

link? not that i dont believe you. i just would like to see where this is backed up.

newhumanbreed2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Read it. Or you can just look up the sales for both. Halo 3 sold $170 million, Halo: Reach sold more than $200 million.

LGFreedom2982d ago

The 170 million figure for Halo 3 was US sales only. The 200 mil figure shown today for Reach includes US and European sales.

Do the math and learn to read.

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