PSP2 Is Real, 'Pretty Powerful' And In Developers' Hands

In an PAX 2010 interview about the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick let slip the existence of a PSP2 development unit at Netherrealm Studios.

IndustryGamers asked about the possibility of a version of Mortal Kombat on the current PSP or the upcoming 3DS, and Himmerick replied:

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donniebaseball2528d ago

It's about time. I just wish Sony had used TGS to unveil the thing already. They need to do it soon before 3DS really grabs the spotlight next year.

8-bit2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Agreed +1

@below, Yeah it is. I just might have to pick up both. The 3DS showed off some awesome looking games and I loved my PSP although it seriously needs updated hardware and a second analog.

FishCake9T42528d ago

Its going to be an epic battle between the 3DS and PSP2.

sikbeta2528d ago

Finally... I want PSP2 NOW!!!

AtatakaiSamurai2528d ago

something I don't like about the news i've been seeing from TGS. way too many behind the scenes showings.

Blaine2528d ago

And a lot of would-be good news turned sour.

New Devil May Cry game? Sweet! Actually... No, Ninja Theory fucked up this good news.

New game for fans of Demon's Souls? Well, it's published by Namco/Bandai (they produce awesome games, right?...) and it's multi-plat.

Etc... so far.

Rainstorm812528d ago

It needs to have dual analogs or it won further handheld gaming to where it needs to go......Ive said it before a handheld killzone or cod with dual analogs and multiplayer....and it will sell

zen02528d ago

I'm sold if it has dual analog.

nix2528d ago

Dual analog plus it should be able to make calls, take pics etc etc..

ReservoirDog3162528d ago

Probably unveiled next E3.

I guess I should start saving now...

Just found a nickel.

+ $0.05 towards PSP2

Marquis_de_Sade2528d ago

I don't really see a problem with Demon's Souls going multi platform, it's hardly the best looking game around and I'm sure even the 360 could handle the first.

ThanatosDMC2528d ago

I hope it has 3G so we can be online at all times on the psn, and if it's powerful enough, portable MAG!

ConanOBrien2528d ago

The question is, what's the point of it? Will it just be a "better" PSP, like faster, higher rez, that sort of thing, but mostly the same basic idea?

moparful992528d ago

I was flipping through the new game informer today and they, without reservation, claimed that the psp2 has a built in mobile phone operating system like the android platform thanks to a partnership with ericsson. We all know that ericsson is sony's go to for mobile phones, this sounds legit... If sony makes the psp2 with iphone esque touch screen and cell phone functionality count me in.. I will sign a 5 year contract right now!

Nihilism2527d ago

No it won't one sided fight are never fun to watch, PSP2 will be washed away by 3DS, just like PSP was by marketing is just pathetic.

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Star512528d ago

i mean sure the 3DS is strong competition, but maybe sony knows something we don' whether or not the 3DS is really releasing this year. If it's not, they have months to hype the new PSP. If the 3DS does launch this year and there's no specs or pics from sony...i'll be worried.

Kain812528d ago

i thought Sony would show us the PSP2 @TGS...

ABizzel12528d ago

It's probably not ready, and won't launch in Japan until holiday 2011 March 2012 in the rest of the world.

Expect to hear about it at CES or E3.

N4g_null2528d ago

I betting they have the emulator for the psp2 or a tegra. I don't know any one with this kit yet and this is a suprise yet I don't think they have the offical psp2 since it's not ready. The power jump will eat your batteries like drug addicts. Plus what can they do to one up the 3ds. True 3d would be nice.

LinuxGuru2528d ago

A dual-core 1GHz Tegra chip was just released...I'm willing to bet something similar will be in the PSP2

jellybalboa2528d ago

i have advertised my psp on ebay, ghost of sparta can wait, i,ll keep the money on the side until it releases, yes i know it may be well late into 2011. i am also putting my 360 on ebay coz i have only turned it on thrice since purchase 20/8/09.

FragGen2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Are you seriously so poor that you can't afford to save $200 for a product that likely won't be available for 12months or more? That's less than $20 a month. You need to log off N4G and get a job.

Ghost of Sparta will PWN!

JLeVRT2528d ago

Youre gonna need to sell your house if the PSP2 is as good as it sounds...

moparful992528d ago

If it has cell phone functionality expect it to have an exclusive carrier and a contract deal.. 99 dollars with a 2 year contract is my bet.. Look for it to be a sprint or tmobile contract as well.. Any takers??

xAlmostPro2528d ago

agree'd they dont want the psp2 to go down the route of the ps3 at launch because they let a competitor release there console a year before.. 3ds looks like a pretty powerful device..

although did that just say they had psp2 running at 60fps?.. thats impressive right? xD

f7897902528d ago

Well anything can run a game at 60fps if the quality is low enough for the hardware to handle.

Millah2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Ridge Racer for PSP ran at 60fps. So whats your point? Sonic Adventure ran at 60fps on Dreamcast too. Framerate is meaningless if you don't know the quality of the visuals.

Not that the visuals won't be impressive or anything :P. I'm guessing this thing will have visuals slightly below 360, and probably better than 3DS.

BrianB2528d ago

3DS is heading for a great start and it hasn't even been released yet, psp2 however is doomed before release, if sony doesnt develop a strong software lineup and release it at a reasonable price

moparful992528d ago

It's funny you mention price, there is no way that nintendo can release the 3ds for under 200.. I'm willing to bet the 3ds will sell at 239 us dollars... Are you willing to pay that much? I know I wont pay that much for a bunch of casual titles and 5 new versions of the same old pokemon.. Not even kid icarus is worth that much.. At least the psp has multimedia functionality...

silvacrest2527d ago

i think your probably right, at first i thought the PSP2 and PSPhone were two different handhelds but now im not sure

vhero2527d ago

Seems Sony don't want anybody to know what they got planned.