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It wasn't that long ago when you couldn't move for racing games, and when every other one seemed to have the official F1 licence haphazardly slapped on it. That deluge soon slowed to a trickle when Sony took hold of the licence and squeezed any life out of it; by the time that Formula 1 Championship Edition for the PlayStation 3 came out even the thrill of the then new generation couldn't hide the fact that the game managed to make one of the most spectacular sports in the world monumentally dull.

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SasanovaS19872773d ago

for a racing game, anything above 8 is a buy

FishCake9T42773d ago

Same here day 1 for sure. So many EPIC racers coming out.

nix2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

i guess so... but it won't hold true for GT5. q:

but i did find F1:CE good. it wasn't "monumentally dull". having said that, am i going to buy F1 2010.. hell ya!!!

ChronoJoe2773d ago

No video review? Sucks.

Game looks great though.

mcstorm2773d ago

Cant wait for this game pre ordered it and hopefully ill get it 4days early like I did with reach.

memots2773d ago

Pre-ordered on Steam ( $5 rebate )

Can't wait to play this with my Gtx 260 (216) sli !!!!

WOUHOU !!!!!

bob2002773d ago

Gonna be an awesome game

2773d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.