IGN: GC 2007: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Hands-on

Last season was a difficult one for Pro Evolution Soccer. While the mainstay of the series - the PS2 version - was as precise, tight and rewarding as ever, the fresh-faced Xbox 360 game promised much but didn't quite deliver. It lacked the match sharpness of its last-gen predecessor and, despite its overhauled graphics engine, it was still some way off the visual spectacle PES fans were expecting.

A new season is almost upon us though and this time Konami is promising a much more rewarding next-gen experience. Indeed, from the moment the kick-off whistle blows, it's apparent Seabass and his team have spent the last year building on the foundation that was last year's game, familiarising themselves with the hardware to create a more rounded, realistic and - most importantly - enjoyable football game.

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Rama262854082d ago

Yeah, really looking forward to this. Being a PS3 owner I've only played PES on the PS2 and the online facility is slightly lacking. I can't wait to play PES2008 on the PS3 with proper online functionality!

Meus Renaissance4082d ago

FIFA 08 will have 11 v 11 Online I heard, so it'll be a tough decision to choose between the two.

Itachi4082d ago

I think you have misinterpreted its PES 2008 that will have 11 vs 11 online

and fifa 08 with 4 vs 4

Rama262854082d ago

11 v 11??? I think I just wet myself!! lol Where did you read this? I must see it for myself to believe :D If it's true, that alone would sell this to me over Fifa.

predator4082d ago

fifa 08 is 4 v 4, they sed 11 v 11 is in the future, any how playin on live on pes was fun as hell, next one will be just as good

rev204082d ago

Be getting this on the ps3 just due to the controller its perfect for pes

CG4082d ago

C'mon microsoft you know you want to put a demo of this baby on live soon...

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