DICE: Medal Of Honor multiplayer 'not as over the top as Battlefield'

GamerZines: Patrick Liu, producer for Medal Of Honor's multiplayer at DICE, has explained that MOH is "not as over the top as Battlefield."

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Hellsvacancy2588d ago

Played like Modern Warfare from what i remember from the beta (that i only played 3 times coz it was crap)

The_Claw2588d ago

another prime example of why devs should not hold "open betas"

xYLeinen2588d ago

idd, you get naive people not understand the concept or matter of the beta and goes around saying ludacris. But it can't be helped I guess.

BattleAxe2588d ago


You are the naive person here. Almost all open betas are used to market the game these days, and usually very little to almost nothing changes from the open beta to the final product.

The best example i can give you would be Bad Company 2 which I think is quite fitting in this case.

xYLeinen2588d ago

Well you obviously did not read all the beta fixes made then. EA released these a couple of days ago and there were tons. Sure, I agree that betas are used a promotional tools, but in this case they used the beta as a tool to make fixes. I'm naive, right.

crzyjackbauer2588d ago

just adding linkin park to the mix made me just hate this game even more
its a bastard child from mw2 and bc2

versusALL2588d ago

WOW, dissing something they help build

duplissi2588d ago

uh.... i wouldnt call that dissing.... jeez.

BigKev452588d ago

Yeah, we know. The beta sucked.

MGRogue20172588d ago

.. I'll have you know that alot of drastic improvements have been made to the game since the beta.

A huge graphical leap is just one of 'em.. :P

raztad2588d ago

Actually the huge graphical leap gets me very excited about this game. I just couldnt stand the jaggies and overall bland looking visuals.

It is not gonna be a day one for me, but a $40 purchase, as I dont care about its multiplayer, provided the single player experience is solid and long.

redDevil872588d ago

The BETA was very tame compared to BC2

HOSe2588d ago

more like mw2 for sure -

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The story is too old to be commented.