GTA 4 like you've never seen before

GTA 4 on the PC is getting even more fabulous when combined with mods like ENB Series, Reality 4 plus HDR Shader and Better City Textures. A website shows GTA 4 postcards with scenes that show the beauty of Liberty City.

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ABizzel12983d ago

I don't understand why Sony doesn't allow mods for games. They were in Unreal Tournament, and console gamers will buy the new game when it comes out.

Blaine2983d ago

I don't know much about this stuff, but I'd think it's more to do with the firmware. You can't just install whatever you want on the PS3, like a mod. But if the capability is built into the game, like it was in UT3, then it's possible. So it seems to me like it's more a decision on individual developers than Sony. If you want mods, you'll have to take it up with the devs and ask them to do like Epic did with UT3.

red2tango2983d ago

Sony allows mods ex. UT3

STONEY42983d ago

It's more about hardware. Most console games barely run at 30fps already, imagine updated shaders and higher-res textures? It would crash the system. And consoles aren't as open-sourced. Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 can't support total conversion mods.

DarkTower8052983d ago

The graphics were never a problem for GTA4, it was the boring ass gameplay. Show me a mod that can fix that and I'll be impressed.

TABSF2983d ago

PC it only does everything

BiggCMan2983d ago

except play ps3 games :D

frostypants2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Yeah, TABSF, you're still fawning over a game most people stopped playing long ago.

Awesome. The fact that this made the top of the N4G PC page is Exhibit X of the sorry state of PC gaming.

Valkyre2983d ago

Except getting awesome games on time (or even at all) compared to consoles.

+ devs simply dont give a rats ass about PC nowdays lol. Even previously considered true PC titles (Crysis) have taken the leap to consoles.

Have fun either waiting, or getting gimped products due to console domination

kthnxbye :)

frostypants2982d ago

Many disagrees, but no one disputes you because they can't.

seinfan2983d ago

Non-RTS games don't play well on a keyboard, though. Sorry.

inveni02983d ago

Shooters play better, and there's always the option of plugging in a 360 controller (or any PC gamepad, actually). You can even get the PS3 controller to work on PC, if you desire to do so.

NarooN2983d ago

Yup, it does everything if you're willing to fork over a thousand or so bucks to have a decent PSU, a nice mobo, a nice CPU, a good GPU, big enough HDD to store all your games, and proper cooling so the thing doesn't catch on fire.

IaMs122983d ago

700 bucks can get you a PC that can max out any game/most games, and still look better then any console game out there. (My rig cost me 700 and its not even the best of the best)

lolzers2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I have a system that is over 3 years old and has cost me less than the cost of a ps3 - it is far more powerful than my ps3.

It doesn't have ps3 exclusives, but it does have exclusives such as Crysis, Stalker, Company of Heroes, Amnesia: Dark Descent, Starcraft 2 and so on. Plus everything else in the last 20 years that I can play with mods that will make the original game even better. Backwards compatible with a little know how that goes far beyond 1995.

And I get to play pretty much any multiplat in a level no console could ever produce.

I also have my consoles. I don't miss out on any game.

EDIT:Also, if anything goes wrong with my system, most of the time I can fix it myself. I don't need to rely on anyone else to do it.

TABSF2983d ago

I got my consoles for exclusives but

PC it only does everything

Letros2982d ago

I have my PS3 for a few exclusives, for everything else, there's my PC.

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ChronoJoe2983d ago

Show me a good cell shading mod for GTA4 and I'll be impressed :P

lolzers2983d ago

Why? What would cell shading add to it really?

ChronoJoe2983d ago

Erm, I'd like it?

Didn't say it'd be better technically, I just prefer cell shading as a visual style, to anything else.

Valkyre2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


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