Halo Chronicle – Part Three: Exploring the Cultural and Online Phenomenon

No Added Sugar explore the cultural and online phenomenon of Halo multiplayer and the background for it.

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tallandmerciless2776d ago

As much as Halo tends to divide opinion, there's no denying the impact it has had on the way online gaming is presented.

tarnya22776d ago

Defiantly, Halo was the first game I ever played online and I think you have to have more skill to play Halo than you do COD.

tallandmerciless2776d ago

That all depends who you're playing against!

thebeardedwordsmith2776d ago

This article has the whole story covered as far as I'm concerned. Each incarnation of Halo places a benchmark in gaming and certainly now in online gaming; but a big part of this is because it's Microsoft's flagship baby and gets all the attention and funding.

tallandmerciless2776d ago

Bungie or not, if Microsoft release their next console with Halo 4 as a launch title, it could well be game over as far as the 'console war' is concerned.

noaddedsugar2776d ago

I love that anecdote of the die-hard fans who stayed online for weeks after shut-down. That's serious fandom right there.

mcullin2776d ago

Never 'got' the whole machinima thing. Was red vs. blue actually any good at all?

NeoKubrick2776d ago

I don't like Machinima, myself. It just appears to stilted and the acting is usually voiced by amateurs. I didn't think Red vs. Blue was consistently funny.