Quantum Theory - Tokyo Game Show Trailer

See the new an epic Trailer of Quantum Theory from Tokyo Game Show

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NabikiTendo2860d ago

probably the worst tps I've played so far. gears of war is so much better.

BubbleSystemSuck2860d ago

its not a Gears of Wars cloen... is more like a Gears of Wars vomit

KiRBY30002860d ago

lmao that's the best description i've heard so far. i played the demo and its really nothing but a sick regurgitation of gears.

Kamikaze1352860d ago

It can't even carry the Gears name in ANY sense. This game looked good, but after playing the trailer, it looks and plays like crap. I thought the textures were still loading when I started playing, but it turns out that....they weren't =/

avengers19782860d ago

Gears should feel bad that people are even mentioning there name and this crap in the same breathe.

BubbleSystemSuck2860d ago

about this game...
is an inminent Flop


Gears of wars clone?
oh no...

Raikiri2860d ago

Why are they trying to copy gears??

NYC_Gamer2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

with success brings clones...really hope no1 supports this Quantum garbage

BubbleSystemSuck2860d ago

Vamquish deserve my respect... is a real AAA Quality game...

Quantum Theory? looks good on magazines or screenshots.. but ingame:

SoapShoes2860d ago

Why is it trying to copy Killswitch and Resident Evil 4? Oh yeah, everyone does it...

Kamikaze1352860d ago

Copying Gears? Gears uses mechanics that it copies from other do the countless games released because ideas evolve.

XactGamer2860d ago

If any of you actualy played the demo you would know why this is a Gears clone. Everything about this game is copy and paste once hyped by PS3 boys poor mans Gears clone.

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Joni-Ice2860d ago

But when you say copy do you mean the cover system? Cause Killswitch had it first.

bobrea2860d ago

Honestly, is anyone looking forward to this. The demo was absolutely horrid.

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The story is too old to be commented.