Kojima to unveil "undisclosed" MGS themes at Leipzig

Konami has said that the games Convention in Leipzig later this week will play host to Hideo Kojima unveiling his new, undisclosed in game themes for Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3 and a new trailer will also be shown.

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ALI-G4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

now you can also pull (TANK/Helicopter/BOAT) from sneak pocket and kill the(dump A.I) enemies .you can use OCTACONE to look like AIR.

also SNEAK demand the SIXAXIES to be replaced with 360 contoler becuse he want the rumble when HE control the Metal Gear MKII Robot which accompanies him

mighty_douche4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

you ever wonder why you only have just 1 bubble? negative tit!

cant wait for a new trailer, hopefully some more in-game!!

Greysturm4016d ago

Would be ashamed of you...

Anyway cant wait for more info on this game its looking amazing.

Ares844016d ago

Xbot...go the hell away!! Obviously you haven't seen the 15min gameplay of MGS4. I showed it to my cousin last night and he was like "wow man this game is by far the best game I've ever seen. Puts everything else to shame." He is a PC gamer and now he decided to get a PS3 just for MGS4. So this is how good that game is you idiot dumb [email protected]!!

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beavis4play4016d ago

metal gear has looked sooooo good. i don't know if i should watch more new footage. it just will torture me more knowing the game is still 8 months away!

Violater4016d ago

Batty Boy Ali-G I cant hear you, must have put u on ignore, ohh well.

Anyway MGS4 is pure sex to the eyes and in a few days we will be teased some more.

kr0n0s1874016d ago

this new trailer won't be as confusing for me atleast as the last one

acetw1n4016d ago

What dose that mean? Thats pretty vage , as if there's not enough themes. im tired of waiting for this game, all we get is trailer after mind blowing trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.