5 Ways Move Beats Kinect

TSA Writes:
If you're like us you'll already be swinging Move controllers around your head in an effort to slay your foes, defeat your opponents and otherwise claim victory in the digital playground. But it's not all about Sony, Microsoft's pitch at the motion-control market is looming on the horizon and there has been heated debate over which is best.

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kidnplay2776d ago

Some interesting arguments in this article, and in the Kinect-beats-Move counterpart. Personally I'm reserving judgement on both until I get to play them at Eurogamer Expo. :)

-Alpha2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

The Kinect-beats-Move article was really stretching it.

I notice that the article used a pre-determined list of ways X beats Y and tries to force X to fit INTO Y.

Christopher2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Both seemed a bit forced, personally.

Here's how I'm seeing it right now.

Games: Move > Kinect
You got all of the games covered so far. Casual, hardcore, puzzle, party, music, etc. Kinect is missing the hardcore and the true skill-focused games that many of us play.

Tech: Move = Kinect
Both are fascinating technologies. Regardless if I feel one is better for gaming or not, I can't discount the fact that they both are advancing the genre in one way or another. It helps that the gaming consoles have turned into a lot more than just video game consoles and now are personal entertainment units.

Price: Move > Kinect.
Based on buying for two people, the max allowed for active players in Kinect, Move equals out to Kinect. Then it comes down to game costs, and it's $40 for Move and $60 for Kinect. That's not taking into account the free implementation of Move into games like KZ2, MAG, Echochrome 2, Dead Space: Extraction and so on. Move is being set up as a genuine option to the regular controller without inflated costs to the consumers.

Control: Move >>>>> Kinect
No two ways about it. The controller + camera combination results in reduced lag in all situations compared to Kinect. Light and whether the camera is capturing a person for display on the TV affect both, but it's more of an issue with Kinect because of the more complex processing required on the software end. Add to that buttons/triggers and you have a control scheme that is a complete alternative to the standard controller. For some it may be an improvement, for others the regular controller is best. But, in the end, it provides the same level of control. Something Kinect just can't do. All Kinect games will either require the use of a controller or will be simplified to a pre-programmed level rather than putting that control in the hands of the user.

The Marketing: Move <<<< Kinect
Yeah, KB is da man! But, Microsoft is king of marketing. They have the money and the advertising power to sell their product to whomever they want. Kinect is being heavily sold to the tweens, and they're already spending millions upon millions of money advertising to muddy the release of Move. The same thing they did when the PS3 Slim came out, making sure all of the retail pamphlets only showed 360 deals and even putting 360 ads all over in the PS3 Slim's first two weeks of release.

Unless Sony gains their own monopoly in hardware or software like Microsoft has, Microsoft is always going to win in this regard.

@Alpha: Yeah, separating the control elements of the technologies for use in games from the overall tech it represents is important since it seems some of the key selling points for Kinect is in 'enhancing' how people can navigate and use their console for things other than gaming. Not that I think these 'enhancements' are better than just using a normal controller/remote control, they are a good use of the technology.

One thing that Kinect does extremely well is the 3D depth tracking of your body. Move can track the depth of the Move wand, but it can only interpret the body and not actually measure its depth the way Kinect can. If Move had that, it would be the ultimate motion device, IMHO. And that's a really small footprint measurement compared to the skeleton tracking software used with the standard camera on Kinect.

-Alpha2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I agree with you on advertising. MS knows Marketing and they are great at it. Also, Kinect appears new to the bigger market while people will immediately connect Move with Wii. For a majority of the Kinect audience, Kinect has "never been done before".

As for tech, you make a good point to differentiate it from control. They ARE both pushing different ways to play, but I find the technology of the Move to be much more versatile and advanced. Much of the promised Kinect tech has dissipated. When I first heard of Kinect at E3 I though that Artificial Intelligence was really going to be the thing that MS was going to advance.

avengers19782776d ago

HA this is funny because it was predicted by just about everyone who commented on the 5 ways Kinect beats move article.
Stop with this crap please.

Sheikh Yerbouti2776d ago

Don't we know this already. Most have made up their minds at this point.

Simco8762776d ago

N4G... you always make me smile.... then I throw up

a08andan2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

This is a duplicate story.

This is the "first" one.

I do realize that this could actually have been submitted before the other one. It does matter when you submit something unfortunately :P

2776d ago
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