Haze: Mantel vs. Rebel Combat Explained

Mantel, Promised Hand (Rebels), and Nectar combat and gadgets revealed.

Whilst games frequently pin their appeal on either the story or the gameplay, it's pretty rare for something to come along that does both. Haze, the new first person shooter from Free Radical Design, is due out on PS3 at the end of this year and looks like it might just do it.

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MK_Red3806d ago

Mantel Vs Promise Hand battles in Multiplayer should be awesome. Can't wait for this game. But TimeSplitters 4 is the one that I'm really dying for :)

ALI-G3806d ago

JACK RETARD THOMSON is not aware of this game and nectar.
or maybe becuse it is not published by 2K

rev203806d ago

Lets hope it's as good as it sounds, multiplayer sounds like its gonna rock ;)