Xbox 360 modded to look more like... an Xbox 360?

The customized machine sports an Xbox 360-themed grill insert, a host of internal green LEDs, an Xbox 360 controller emblem, and an internalized WiFi adapter.

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Rama262853960d ago

That thing looks cool! He should start making a small business of selling these. Similar to that dude who paints the PS3's.

I mostly like the internalised wi-fi adapter, makes things look much cleaner.

Lakuspakus3960d ago

Pretty darn good! Love the "xbox button" on the top ^^

ParaDise_LosT3960d ago

only mod i have is a talismoon tiltboard on my black controller :P

Greysturm3960d ago

I wonder if i could convince them to sell me one like that right out of the box...

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The story is too old to be commented.